Jeff Miller (R-1st District FL): In Baseball Terms Your Count Is 0-2

Folks, I don’t know about you, but I’m growing increasingly worried about how our Congressional House leadership is, well, leading….

Take for example, my own Congressman, The Honorable Jeff Miller. I just perused through his official congressional web page and there was absolutely NOTHING explaining the reasoning behind his support for the last two congressional continuing resolutions.

Another observation I made is that as of today, 20 March 2011, on his  “Jeff’s Blog- Insight and Opinion” web page,  Jeff has evidentially has had no “Insight or Opinion” since March 21st 2010!  (To be fair, I guess as entrenched, excruciatingly boring backbenchers go, this ain’t bad. /s off)

His twitter page boasts 8 less followers than @InfamousHooker.  To his credit, his YouTube page does have a recent post of Ole’Jeff making a 2 minute speech on Veteran affairs last week.  Other than that, his two previous YouTube posts were from the from when the new congress convened and one from 6 months ago.

Now back to Jeff’s vote’s on the continuing resolution. The first one, from my informal feedback from fellow Florida 1st District Republicans,  was somewhat tolerable.  It was seen as a temporary extension while negotiations were taking place.  However, by the time the second one came up that would extend the budget for 3 more weeks to “April Fool’s Day” (I kid you not)  it was obvious the Democrats have absolutely no intention of making any attempt to deal with the mess they created and it was time for hardball.  Steve Southerland, the newly elected FL 2nd District Republican (He knocked off a very entrenched Blue Dog in 2010…) knew why he was sent to DC and voted NO to any more stopgap bills.

Not my Congressman.  Miller voted for the continuing resolution and from what I gather he has PISSED off a lot of his 1st District base.  Congress is now home for “Spring Break”, and quicker than you say “I Want a Mulligan!”,  Congressman Miller has announced a joint meeting with Congressman Southerland in Destin this coming Tuesday Evening (22 March).

I hereby make the prediction that Congressman Miller will announce at this meeting that come April 1st, the SIX-TERM congressman follow the lead and join FRESHMAN Congressman Southerland in voting AGAINST any more continuing resolutions. I am sure Miller got an earful when he voted with the House leadership last time and decided that in order to continue his rather unremarkable political career as a really uninspiring “backbencher” and to avoid becoming a “No-Bencher” in 2012, he is going to switch his vote ASAP.

My advice to the audience at the 22 March Town Hall meeting: When Jeff makes his announcement that he has decided to follow the lead of Congressman Southerland, all members of the audience refrain from clapping and just yell: “Miller, one more strike and yer OUT!

Miller’s actions reflect what is going on with our Republican controlled House Of Representatives.  The same people who were in charge when we lost the House in 2008 are still in charge in 2011.  And guys like Miller (who quite frankly are followers, not leaders) are being led around by the nose by Boehner and company.  Congress has morphed into an entrenched institution where seniority more often than not, trumps ability, encourages conformity and frowns on true, radical and necessary change. We live in one of the most dangerous and critical times of our nations short, but remarkable history. Business as usual is not only wrong, it is damn right suicidal for our children and generations to come.

Bottom Line: If you afraid to fight for what you constituents believe in, then don’t run for Congress. If you are afraid to change the status quo and to openly fight for specific, hard choices that must be made, then you are the wrong man for the times.