Jeff Miller (R-Oblivious) Votes "Yes" on Budget Three Week Extension

Here is the vote count. The Right Honorable Jeff Miller joins the RINOs.  I expect him to put out an Email explaining WHY he voted “Aye”.  I want a logical, specific and detailed letter as to his reasons for and the logic behind his vote.

I visited his site and there is nada, zip, zilch on this vote.  I “Emailed” him using his weblink and I got the usual form letter:

Dear Constituent,

Thank you for your recent e-mail.  I value your interest in the legislative process and appreciate your comments about the issues important to you.  Your input helps me do a better job serving you and all Americans.

Your input is very valuable and your patience is appreciated as it takes time to respond to the large amount of mail that comes into my office.  Please allow several weeks for a written reply.

To receive my newsletter, please visit my website at http://jeffmiller.house.gov/Forms/Form/?ID=414.

Thank you again for your interest in the policies that affect both Florida and our nation.

With warm personal regards, I am


Jeff Miller-Member of Congress-Florida, 1st District

Yep, nothing says “warm personal regards” like a computer generated Email that requires no human intervention whatsoever!

In the Post below mine,  My partner UMPIRE notes the recently elected Representative Steve Southerland voted “No”. You see, The good Congressman Southerland had to fight for his seat in the second district (both Primary and General), so he KNOWS that he can be replaced if he doesn’t do what he promised.

If the Republican Executive Committees (in the 1st district Florida at least) want to know how to become relevant again they should immediately draft a message to Miller, tell him he is NOT representing the wishes of his supporters and tell him in no uncertain terms if he votes like this again, Republicans in The Panhandle WILL be looking for an alternative.

Hmmmm…Congressman E.R. White, Jr…. has a nice ring doesn’t it….