Florida Post Midterm Election Update

Let’s see, you got the press pouncing on Governor Scott  at every opportunity, facts be damned… Check.  The Governor has inherited a State Government that has yet to face up to the fact that they cost more than the taxpayer ponies up of their hard earned dollars…Check.  You have an opposition party that is trying to “derail” your decision to “derail” the High Speed rail between Orlando and Tampa….Check … Woops, my bad..It’s his OWN PARTY that is fighting for this prime example of government gone wild.  In addition, let’s not forget the letter sent by the Democrat Senators GOP Senators BEMOANING the fact that Governor Scott decided to actually look at the facts and decide that the High Speed Rail was a “One Way Ticket to Tax Hell”.

My own freshman Senator , Greg Evers PROUDLY put his signature to the above mentioned letter and quicker than you can say “Pissed Off Republicans In Okaloosa County Screaming Bloody Murder Over This Nincompoop Signing This Letter And Vowing to Unseat His Dumb Ass ASAP“, Senator Evers rescinded his signature within days. I swear, If I get laid off from my job, I think I will run for State Senator in Florida District 2 Dressed Up as “Bozo The Clown”  so when Evers and I debate I will be the hands down favorite to win due to having more “Gravitas”.

Note to Greg Evers: When Don Gaetz backs off signing a letter, just pull a “monkey do as Monkey sees” and follow his lead.

Note to Don Gaetz: Better late than never..welcome back to the real world….

Good luck Governor. One thing in your favor. With all the public unions making complete asses of themselves up north…You should have an easier time down here making the necessary changes to make Public Servants donate more of their money to their own retirement and DECREASE the influence of the Public Sector Unions on our Budget.

Next issue: We got a new RPOF Chairman but obviously no one is minding the Online site. Since the New Chairman was elected on January 15, the site has updated its Front web page….ONCE. (not counting “the occasional Tweet”..) Click on the Newsroom Link and it is apparently obvious that the space-time continuum ceased to exist on 19 November, the date of the last News story.

Earth to RPOF: The gloves have come off in the Local MSM corner and any pretense of neutrality of reporting the actions of our Governor has been abandoned. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!! Look at your site: You have as of 2 March 2011 at 11:29 AM 6,291 “likes” or “Fans” on Facebook.

On the other hand, this Facebook site, “I USED TO KILL THE HOOKERS IN GRAND THEFT AUTO TO GET MY MONEY BACK“, has 393,059 “Likes” or “Fans”.

Lesson: RPOF, Get your online act together.

Lesson To Governor Scott: You need to tell senior GOP bigwigs (Both Formal and Informal) that they need to put their money where their mouth is and start competing with the Tampa Buzz and St. Pete Times on what ground truth is in today’s Florida.

Lesson To Senator Evers: Keep being stupid and You’ll Recognize me in 2016…I’ll be the guy in the clown outfit ripping you a new one at the Debate.

My Next post will be on State Senator Mike Haridopolos, his hair and why did he first vote for High Speed Rail after I personally sent him information in 2009 proving is was a black hole for taxes?