The One That Started It All: The 1958 NFL Championship Game

“The Greatest Game Ever Played” The New York Football Giants versus The Baltimore Colts.  Legendary Names. Pat Summerall,  Sam Huff, Frank Gifford, Vince Lombardi (The Offensive Coordinator for the Giants), Tom Landry (The Defensive Coordinator for the Giants), Weeb Ewbank (The Colts Head Coach), Raymond Berry, Art Donovan and of course, the immortal Johnny Unitas.

The game was played on December 28th, 1958 at old Yankee Stadium.  It went into sudden death overtime and if you want to listen to it, here it is as it was broadcast on radio.  Over 40 million Americans watched it on T.V.

The 1958 NFL Championship Game Part 1

The 1958 NFL Championship Game Part 2

The 1958 NFL Championship Game Part 3

The 1958 NFL Championship Game Part 4

The 1958 NFL Championship Game Part 5

The 1958 NFL Championship Game Part 6

I remember the game like it was yesterday.  I was only 15 months old and Dad had it on the new Admiral T.V.  Dad knew that there was something special about this game even before it started.  We broke out the Falstaff BeerSwisher Sweets and Moon Pies . Together Dad and I bonded as we popped open a few cans of beer, lit up and savored the Swishers and watched the game.  Mom drank iced tea and smoked Viceroys.  My older sister was three and she was left alone in her room, left to her own devices for entertainment. She ate a couple of the Moon Pies and had a  shot of Jack Daniel’s Black and disappeared into her room after that.

This post is in honor of the men who played the game the way it was meant to be played. With brutal violence, screw the concussions and no victory dances in the end zone.

Here’s a picture of Art Donovan.  This mean SOB is 85 now and could still kill most of the defensive line of the Steelers with one hand, rip every hair out of Troy Polamalu’s head, wipe that grin off Heinz Ward’s face and still have time for breakfast. Don’t even get started on what he would do to Ben Roethlisberger.

This is all the posting I’m doing today.  I’m off to exercise and will tack on an extra 15 minutes in order to do penance for what I am about to inflict on my body this afternoon and evening, culinary wise.

And no one dare even talk to me or remind me of this Championship game played in 1940.  And you thought France had a bad year that year….