Already, before they have even formerly regained the House, the Republican leadership is back to business as usual.  They want the Bush tax cuts extended for all. Fair enough.  In order not to disrupt tax schedules, employers staffing, pay checks, etc.. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell  (essentially the same leadership that served us so “ably” during the Bush years) agreed to extend unemployment benefits for an additional 13 months.  Ok, if it had stopped there, you might have got me to grudgingly agree.  But this whole lame duck process has turned this bill into the 2010 “Son Of Porkulus” Bill.

Remember the Stimulus Bill of 2009 (aka Porkulus)?  Remember all of us concerned Republicans screaming in protest that it was a hastily arranged, incoherent, slapdash amalgamation of Democratic pork and pipedreams that did nothing to truly address a) our need for energy independence and b) How it was bankrupting the country?

How about Obamacare?  Remember Speaker Pelosi saying that they would have to pass it before they could fully explain its benefits? Remember the two thousand page bill that no had time to read before it became law?

Both of these pieces of legislation have proven to be complete and utter disasters.  They were rushed to vote, not fully vetted and the cost to the taxpayer and business were buried in the fine print. The result of these two bills was a political revolt that led to the crushing of the Democrats who had crammed these two pieces of legislation down the throat of American taxpayer, throwing Pelosi and company out of power in a historic defeat that was breathtaking in its scope and size.

I thought Republicans would have learned from the mistakes of their opposition and also from their abandonment of fiscal restraint during the Bush years.

Well, I was wrong. I could outline all the reasons why this deal is bad for America, bad for the taxpayer and bad for my teenage Son and his peers.  Instead, I’ll bow to a much more eloquent and intelligent man than I, Charles Krauthammer. Read this post by Mr. Krauthammer.

This “Grand Compromise of 2010” is Stimulus 2.0 apparently drafted in between “Bong Hits” by congressional staff members.  Our Congress, unless we the people do something, is about to pass another bill whose only virtue is that we taxpayers get a small kiss in the form of not raising our taxes before we are screwed.

All the left wing fantasies are present.  For example,  tax credits for “Green” technology that is not economically feasible in a 21st century economy and is in response to a climate crisis that only exists in the minds of third world socialists and the loony left in America and Europe.

Earmarks, goodies for certain congressmen for their vote, spending and tax breaks for really stupid programs; IT IS ALL THERE.  This Congress, in its final death throes, is about to dive another nail into the coffin of the sputtering American economy and into the future of generations of Americans to come.  This bill does nothing to address America’s dependence on foreign oil.  It does nothing to cleanse our banks of all bad paper they are hiding in order to avoid the consequences of bad management.

It is, in the final assessment, politics as usual with the taxpayer merely the source of funds for Politicians to use to help them get re-elected for the next election cycle.

Color me unimpressed.  No, scratch that, color me MAD. I am honestly more upset about this last minute political maneuvering than I was in 2009, because our Republican leadership, (which is the same leadership we had when we lost power in 2006) is this time an active and enthusiastic participant in this abortion of a bill.

Well, I’m going to try to stop it.  I’ll write my congressman; I’ll write my Senators but I am also going to try to get my local Republican Executive Committee to get our Chairman to write a letter and make a call to our Congressman and Senators to ask them to stop this “Rush to Pass” and urge them to take a deep breath and when the new Congress takes power in 2011, for said Congress to propose a coherent plan to stimulate our economy, cut our debt and above all, propose a comprehensive energy plan that has our nation energy independent in 10 years. I suggest anyone reading this push their Local Republican Organizations to take this same step.

Let’s face it: We are in a economic war with China.  We need to reinvent ourselves economically and before that, we need a plan that has been drafted, vetted and evaluated as to its feasibility.  Enough with the mindless passage of bills that throws money around in a incoherent and haphazard manner and that no one has time to read.

If this bill passes, the Republican Party will lose in 2012. The rank and file will just walk away…. Now the Polls as promised:

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