RPOF Chairman: The Most Important Election In The Country Before 6 November 2012

Whomever the GOP nominates for President in 2012, unless that candidate wins Florida, that candidate has no chance of winning the presidency…PERIOD.

So it is critical that the Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) elect a chairman that can repair this organization’s tattered reputation.  Despite the Florida GOP having a banner year in 2010, it was in spite of the RPOF, not because of it.  If you want to examine why the RPOF’s reputation is in such disrepute, just look at how it handled itself during the run up to the 2010 Election:

1) The RPOF elected as Chairman the corrupt henchman recommended by an eventual turncoat Governor

2) The RPOF (along with the RNC and NRSC) played favorites in the primary process instead of “Honest Broker” that provides a platform for candidates, honest debates and ideas to percolate in the primary process.

3) Said Henchman and Governor utilizing precious campaign funds as a personal piggy bank. (Massage anyone?)

4) Even after the removal of said corrupt Henchman from the Chairmanship, the new leadership insisted on continuing of the process of playing favorites during the primary. The result: A massive meal of Crow Meat after the Voters chose Rick Scott instead of Bill McCollum.

I could go on with more reasons, especially on how our political elites in Florida have a disturbing tendency to put their own self-interests above that of the voters (Charlie Crist going rouge and Bill McCollum throwing a snit fit after losing to Rick Scott, only to endorse Scott once he was allowed to Lobby the Governor’s Staff a week before the General Election.)

From the Grassroots perspective, such behavior is despicable.  Both of these men should be treated as pariahs by our State Republican Legislatures, as well as by our Federal GOP Congressmen and Senator.  We owe them nothing and our tax dollars should in no way be allowed to enrich these men nor should any one meet with them in their new role as “lobbyists”.  Unless we make such men pay a price for their actions, then expect more and more voters to lose faith in the Florida GOP.

The question is now: What does the RPOF do to a) reclaim its mantle of virtue and b) put Florida in the win column for the GOP in 2012?

Here is a link to a graphic the recent governor’s race.  Don’t let the Sea of Red fool you.  The Blue Democrat Area’s may not occupy the same geographic footprint as the GOP Red area, but hover over the Orlando, Hillsborough and southeast corner of Florida areas and look at the number of votes.  Then hover over the most solid red part of the state, the counties of the western panhandle.  Solid Blue Palm Beach County has over three times (148 thousand) the number of votes for Rick Scott than solid red Okaloosa county (42 thousand).  THREE TIMES the votes.  Only because that this was a mid-term and not a presidential election and that Obama has so far proven himself to be one of the most inept Presidents since…forever, did we manage to elect a Republican Governor.

Come 2012 however, make no mistake, Barack Obama has the distinct possibility of being able to raise well over a BILLION dollars for his reelection.  Remember, he raised 750 million in 2008.  So expect him to exceed this amount in 2012, plus, despite all the talk, expect him not to have a primary opponent.  Obama knows that if he takes Florida, he wins re-election.  So we Florida Republicans had better be ready to go to political WAR in 2012.  We need to start planning now and, most importantly, elect a RPOF leadership team that can a) Raise Money; b) Be able to make inroads into the voter rich Blue Counties in Florida; c) Organize all 67 Florida Counties to maximize GOP turnout; d) Work full time and have a laser like focus on Getting the Job Done and d) Raise Even More Money and don’t waste it on perks that don’t enrich the RPOF coffers.

I’m not talking about not spending money to buy potential donors a meal and drinks.  Hell, If you can spend 10,000 dollars on a big spread that results in 100 thousand in donations, then that’s fine.  What we don’t want is for the RPOF chairman to hold retreats in the Bahamas for cronies and waste cash on massages and call girls.  I mean, this isn’t rocket science we are talking here…just good common sense and a Chairman that will be an honest, decent person.

So come January 2011, when the RPOF meets in Orlando to elect a new Chairman, look for the candidate who has a proven track record of raising money, has a plan and above all, puts party before self.  To borrow a phrase from “America’s Village Idiot”, Joe Biden, it’s time to “gird your loins”.  Obama and his cohorts in 2012 are going to unleash a torrent of money for ads, “walking around” money and voter turnout efforts in the Sunshine State.  The only rules he will follow are Chicago Rules and that means anything goes, fair or foul, legal or illegal.

Florida is the GOP Firewall in 2012.  If Obama loses here, he loses the “war”. He knows it and we know it.  So make no mistake, the person elected to organize and raise money for the RPOF in 2012 will be the difference between victory or defeat for Barack Hussein Obama. That is how important this election for RPOF Chairman is this January 15th in Orlando.

To paraphrase Edmund Burke, Obama wins if the RPOF (The good guys!) just stands by and does nothing.

Any candidate for RPOF Chairman who wishes to respond or make their case on PracticalState.com, will have unfettered access and zero censorship.