Florida Governor Race: Is Alex Sink (Can D-FL) Headed for Federal Prison on Possible RICO Charge?

Alex Sink Wants to Talk About Florida..Ok..Let’s talk about Florida and Ask “Should Alex Sink, Charlie Crist and Bill McCollum Be Under Criminal Investigation?”

Read this Article by The Saint Pete Times.  I hereby nominate this as the Core issue of the Governor campaign.  Should Charlie Crist, Alex Sink and Bill McCollum be investigated by the State of Florida for illegally investing Florida Pension funds and then conspired to cover-up their involvement when the deal went south?

This is serious business and it is time Joe Citizen start insisting that our public officials who play fast and loose with our nation’s financial laws be held criminally accountable.  At a minimum there should be a fully independent counsel appointed to see if this “Triumvirate” of Politicians broke the law.  Millions, if not Billions of dollars were lost.

We Republicans owe Charlie Crist NOTHING.  We Republicans Sure as Hell owe Alex Sink NOTHING.  And finally, for acting like a spoiled, entitled punk kid when he lost the Primary race for Governor, We, the Republican Party of Florida owe Bill McCollum absolutely NO COVER.  In fact, the best thing we could do is prove to the people of Florida that there are no sacred Cows and that the NEW RPOF is willing to go after their own when they break the law.

So to Alex Sink, let’s talk about Florida. Let’s talk about how you might be involved in a criminal conspiracy (Can You Spell RICO?) to cover up your, the Governor’s and the Attorney General’s illegal financial activities using the public’s money.  This crime, if true, ranks right up there with Bernie Madoff.

For the RPOF: You want to regain some legitimacy?  With faux Republicans like Charlie Crist, Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle refusing to act like loyal Republicans when they lose fair and square in primaries, the best thing you could do to improve your reputation to the Republican rank and file and  to the independent voters this year, is a promise to “frog march” Bill McCollum to prison if he, along with Crist and Sink, committed felonies.

To all elected and candidate Republicans: Start insisting on a criminal investigation on this issue.