Everclear For Alcoholics: Florida Legislature Plans to Continue Use Obama Dollars

When I was a young man in college, there was a standing theory that was consider unassailable and was called: THE TRUTH. Everclear, the 190 proof alcohol (That’s 95% PURE Grain Alcohol) was the secret to getting girls to sleep with you. First, you get a you hands on a few of gallons of the booze and get all the fruit juice (multiple flavors) you can cram in the back of a Mustang II, plus a bunch of oranges and grapes. You then get a large, brand new thirty gallon plastic trash can and heavy duty black plastic trash bag to act as a liner. You slice up the oranges and grapes, then mixed it all up with the fruit juice in the trash can and then dump all the Everclear into it. Then, to give it a touch of class, throw in a couple bottles worth of Maraschino cherries. Serve it in high quality 12 oz Plastic Cups.

It was considered the perfect weapon to disarm the opposite sex. Sweet tasting fruit punch that has the kick of a Missouri Mule. We then just sit back and wait for the babes to come in, get a little tipsy and then we go in for the “kill”.

It never worked. All that was accomplished was it created a bunch of stupid guys in their late teens, early twenties drunk off their ass, acting loud and boorish and sooner or later, someone would pull a “Technicolor” puke in the middle of the room and the word would go out like wildfire to all the women on campus (I swear they have secret telepathic ability), avoid the Lambda Chi’s tonight at all costs.

The amazing thing about THE TRUTH is that we kept trying despite all the evidence to the contrary. What can I say? Hormones trump logic in young men and women know this and use it (wisely) to their advantage. No one ever said Life was fair. Eventually, I realized THE TRUTH is women don’t like to be around sloppy drunks.

So it is with the Florida Legislature. Take a moment to read this article from the Herald Tribune (hat tip to my source “Earl Grey” for pointing it out to me). Despite the political earthquake that is happening on the right; Despite all the evidence that Obama’s Stimulus has been the most colossal political and economic failure in our Nation’s History, the REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED legislature is actively pursuing “Obama Dollars” in order to put off for just one year the absolutely necessary spending reform and belt tightening that is required in Florida.

It’s like giving a hopeless alcoholic on the street a year’s worth of Everclear and telling him, “We will hook up next year, and then I’ll help you get sober”. All you do is delay in the inevitable “Delirium Tremors” for a year and allow the drunk’s liver to take on another years worth of irreversible damage. In the end you will still have on your hands an even more hopeless drunk who now is hooked on Everclear vice Morgan David 20/20. Don’t believe me? Listen To New Jersey’s Governor. It’s nine minutes long, but worth every second:

Florida Legislature: Listen to the people listening to Christie. Those are voters who are fed up with an out of control state applauding a man who is willing to make hard choices. Do not think for a second that the majority of Floridians are not willing for our State Government, (indeed, they are insisting) start the painful process of reigning in spending. If it can be done in New Jersey, it can be done in Florida. Our nominee for Governor, Rick Scott, has said he is against using stimulus dollars. I intend to hold him to his word. We should expect our legislature to take the same stance. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH. The more you delay the day of reckoning, the more pain is generated when THE TRUTH smacks you in the face.

THE TRUTH is the fact that our State government is a bloated, inefficient sponge that robs the citizens of Florida of their hard earned money and wastes it on special interests.

THE TRUTH is we need innovative ideas that produce results with less money. THE TRUTH is we need to look at alternative ideas that produce superior educations for our children for less money. They are doing it in Harlem. Why can’t we do it in Florida? Note in the article it is the Teachers Union and Its Democrat allies that object to these schools.

THE TRUTH is that we need to rethink tax payer supported higher education, reform the tenure system that leads to lifetime appointments for unproductive professors and rethink what areas of education we spend our tax dollars on and what we leave to private schools.

THE TRUTH is that money spent on so-called renewable Green energy is waste of money because it will never meet the massive energy needs of a 21st Economy.

THE TRUTH is High Speed Rail is a black hole of taxpayer money and should be cancelled.

THE TRUTH is that the GOP has only a limited time to prove that they have learned the lessons of 2006 and 2008 and come back to the core beliefs of smaller, less intrusive government.

THE TRUTH is if the current crop of State Senators and Representatives don’t do it, there is a better than 50% chance come 2012, there will be opposition that will BE willing to do it.

THE TRUTH is it is time to pay the Piper NOW or prepare to reap the whirlwind in two more years.