Lesson NOT Learned: The Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) Shoots Itself in the Foot Again

I warned the RPOF to complete their audit as early as possible and be open with the results.  Instead, they have waited till there is only six weeks till election day to make a decision on the audit and now they are caught between much needed reform and transparency with regards to party finances and grueling, tight races for Governor and U.S. Senator in November. I warned them of the dangers of dragging this mess out, but as I state in my above post… I’m just little guy in the great big picture.

From what I can gather from  initial news reports, the RPOF leadership has decided to “Punt” on making public the audit of the funds when the party was dominated by Charlie Crist and Jim Greer.  They say they are going to make a decision about “suing”  Crist and Greer in the next week or so due to findings in the audit.  I would expect that if they do decide to sue, they won’t take formal steps until AFTER the November Election, because I can’t see how they can sue Crist and company over the results of the audit without making said audit results available to Crist, Greer and the World’s Greatest Flunky, Delmar Johnson.

Regardless, because Chairman Thrasher has promised a decision to whether or not RPOF will sue Crist and company in the next 7-10 days, expect this story to have a life span through November.  No matter what is decided, Thrasher has put the party into A “Lose-Lose” situation in the middle of a crucial election.  The audit story lives on if the RPOF sues (There will be a clamor to make the audit Public from the Democrats, as well as by Greer’s legal defense) or if they decide NOT to sue, expect howls of “Cover-up” to resonate throughout the State. The only winner is the Florida Democrat Party.

I don’t know if the County Chairmen and the State Committeemen and Women were made privy to the entire audit, or if they just were given a verbal, high level executive summary and were asked to keep it private.  I’ll hopefully find out when I attend the Okaloosa Republican Executive Committee meeting on 20 September.  I WILL blog on the results of my questions during the meeting.  If my party representatives to the RPOF meeting did not get to see the actual audit, they better let me know early, so I don’t waste my time asking awkward questions during the meeting.

Regardless of what the answers are, it is clear that the current RPOF Leadership needs to resign as soon as the election is over.  Not only because of the way they handled this audit (It should have and could have been done much earlier) but also with regards to the way they used party funds to take sides during the race between Bill McCollum and Rick Scott. There needs to an accounting for that abuse of party position, power and money as well.

What amazes me is the sheer incompetence on how this whole affair post-Greer was handled and now, once again,  we have an issue about the actual honesty and transparency of the RPOF back in the political mix and just in time for the November Election!.

I don’t know about the rest of the rank and file Republicans, but this “grunt” isn’t happy or impressed on how the RPOF has been managed.  Unfortunately, the candidate who stands to lose the most is the one who can truly say he had absolutely nothing to do with this mess, Rick Scott.  Expect Alex Sink and the Democrats use this issue to pummel Scott and the GOP all the way through November.

Life ain’t fair and politics ain’t bean bag.  However, the way the RPOF has been playing politics is akin to playing “Russian Roulette” with a fully loaded automatic. That kind of politics is unacceptable.