Rick Scott and the RPOF: An Awkward Family Reunion Begins...But It Is Better Than The Alternative

Today, August 25, 2010 at 3:51pm CDT, the RPOF Family reunion was formally kicked off with an Email from Party Chairman, State Senator John Thrasher, congratulating Rick Scott on his becoming the GOP Nominee for Florida Governor.

I’ve had harsh words for Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) and Chairman Thrasher and in hindsight I stand 100% behind them.  The results last night bear out my words.  The RPOF and other Republican Organizations that exist to elect Republicans in GENERAL ELECTIONS should stay on the sidelines during the primary process.  The RPOF, despite what happened with Jim Greer and Charlie Crist, failed to learn that lesson.  Let’s hope they have learned it now. It will avoid what is happening today, an awkward family reunion that the whole town knows about and is taking bets on if ends with hugs or gunfire.  It appears our RPOF reunion is resulting in hugs..maybe awkward man-hugs, but hugs nonetheless.

When I was in the Navy, getting chewed out by a Superior Officer was part of the Process of breaking you down and then building you up.  Part of becoming a professional Naval Officer was a) Learning to take the dress down when you screwed up and vow to do better if you are the “Chewee” and b) The “Chewer” moving on and giving the “Chewee” a chance to get his act together. The cardinal rule for both was never, ever make it personal.  Once the Chew-out was over, it was over. (I’m afraid it is a lost art in Today’s PC Navy).

Another lesson I learned in the Navy is life is not fair.  It is a lesson Bill McCollum learned the hard way.  Personally, I think that it is a healthy sign that our party, in the end, rejected the desperate and questionable tactics that Bill McCollum had to resort to stay competitive in this election.  I note for the record, he has yet to concede the election despite that his opposition got approximately 38,000 more votes. There was no doubt who won the election at 11 PM last night.  A true professional, who had the best interests of the party at heart, would have conceded and given Rick Scott his “Moment in the Sun”.  Bill McCollum, refused.  Enough said.

Now we are in the “rapprochement” phase of the family reunion.  Rick Scott is now the titular head of our State party and deserves all Republicans FULL support. The stakes are too high for Florida AND the nation if we do not realign the direction our country is heading.  The current economic crisis is still very much with us; We continue to hemorrhage cash to foreign despots for Energy and we, as a nation, must get our public spending and debt under control if we are to ensure our children have a shot at the American Dream. Finally, if we fail to reinvigorate our Military and Space Program, we will cease to be a global power and make our country less safe.  That is a fact.

Make no mistake: Obama-Crist-Sink-Meek is and should remain, one word during this election.  These people have embraced the most spendthrift and incoherent economic policy ever adopted by this nation.  Then, just to make it worse, they have also adopted a foreign policy that makes Neville Chamberlain seem like Alexander the Great.  There is no rational defense for the path Obama-Crist-Sin-Meek have put this nation on, so expect them to take the low road and appeal to our most base instincts.

We, as Republicans, must point this out and, more importantly, come out with a plan, both statewide and nationally, to restore our country.  This means a serious plan for energy independence, rethinking  how we spend our tax dollars to educate our children and how to reduce government in favor of the private sector.  Common Ground must be found and built upon to restore the RPOF to a position of trust with the Rank and File.  It is the RPOF leadership’s responsibility to reach out to us, not the other way around.

And, oh yeah, kill that damned high speed rail line between Tampa and Orlando.