Charlie Crist On the Ground Zero Mosque: Why, Soitenly!

First, here is a link to a British Afternoon Daily Mail article on the firestorm Obama unleashed after endorsing the Ground Zero Mosque at a Formal Dinner in the White House marking the end of Ramadan.  Our Cousins are very attuned to our political scene (mush more than we are to theirs), but what I find most amazing is that there “Go-To Guy” for the Democrat willing to buck the President is (*drum roll, please*) Florida Senate Democratic Candidate Jeff Greene! (*cymbal clash*).

Yes, the same Jeff Greene that has his web site a “Get the Facts” page that deals with such questions as to why Mike Tyson was his Best Man at his wedding and why he took in Heidi Fleiss and allowed her to move in to his home.

And to make this article even sweeter, they have extensive quotes from Charlie Crist supporting our President’s foot-in-the-mouth comments, even at the same time the Obama was pulling the rug out from under Charlie’s feet.

Oh, the sweet taste of irony… It was Charlie’s embrace of  Obama and Obamanomics that sent his Florida Republican run for Senate into the ditch and now, his really suicidal endorsement of Obama’s statement endorsing the construction of the Mosque perhaps has sent it over the cliff.

Here is the YouTube of Obama’s Statement to a room full of Muslims…Make no mistake, Obama endorsed the building of the Mosque. He is now trying to run away from the statement, but it’s hard, if not impossible, to deny something when you recorded on video delivering prepared remarks via teleprompter at a White House dinner marking the End of the Muslim High Holy Days in a room full of Muslims (Some of whom support Hamas, Hezbollah and the concept Israel should be wiped off the face of the map) .  Listen to the President’s words and pay attention to his adamant tone.  Obama, without a doubt, supported the building of the Mosque when he spoke those words.

Charlie Crist came out in support of this position taken by the President.  Marco Rubio, say a special prayer of thanks today.  This is manna from heaven.

For Jeff Greene, enjoy your moment of Sunshine in the British Tabloid Press.  And you did it without any help from Heidi Fleiss,  Mike Tyson or hosting a California Bacchanal populated with Starlets with the IQ’s of their bust size…  There may be something to this “clean living” after all!