GOP.COM Adopts Name of NAZI "Buzz Bomb"; BloggyBayou Recommends They Hire Taiwanese Animators Instead

First: Those Spot-on Taiwanese Political animators are at it again. This time they NAIL Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain to comfort a friend on the US taxpayer Dime (h/t Polipundit):

When is the RNC going to wake up a realize their monumental investment in GOP.com is a complete and utter failure. I honestly tell you, they should hire out the company that puts out these animations and insist that all narration remain spoken in Mandarin.  That’s not a reflection on how good this Taiwan company is, but how bad the GOP online presence is.

I got an Email today from “GOP.com” announcing they are finally out of “Beta phase” and now are announcing GOP.COM V1. First, nicknaming your Website after the Nazi Buzz Bomb of WWII shows an appalling lack of historical knowledge on the part of the RNC.  What’s next after the V1? GOP.COM PANZERFAUST?

I only mention this because the GOP, as well as my Local State Party Online presence (Republican Party Of Florida) continue to be, well, so inept.  As a whole, the GOP has yet to really grasp what the Online conservative Blogging sites are: An Independent source of expertise, immediate feedback and a source of new ideas to reinvigorate the party.  WE ARE NOT here to reprint and put out official party propaganda whenever an email comes in from a candidates “Internet” liaison (usually a young recent College graduate who knows what Facebook is and that is his/her sole source of expertise).

I say again to my GOP Leaders and RPOF leaders..you need to loosen up and make your online presence more than just a site to post press releases… It should be one of the first go-to clicks in the morning for all political junkies on both sides of the political spectrum, with instant links to breaking news, links to interesting conservative blogposts, an active team of researchers to humiliate the MSM when they deserve it and above all, be agile and, yes, have a snarky sense of humor.  As things stand right now, I strongly recommend GOP.com (and RPOF.org)  just to close up shop and save the money for TV commercials…

Above all, quit naming your Website after Nazi “Super Weapons” that didn’t quite pan out as planned….