Bill McCollum: Do You Think The GOP Voters are "Sheeple" To Be Led by The Nose?

Where were you three years ago on this issue? Why attempt to introduce a bill now? (Someone, Quick: Based on What Authority can a Florida Attorney General introduce a Bill into the Florida Legislature? ..err…uggh.. Houston, We have a problem). Yeah, I know he has a stoolie in Rep. William Snyder, but it’s the principle of the thing. Hey! MSM! Do your job: The issue now is not the bill but the desperate political pandering by a guy who is about to lose his third try at a statewide office.

This is one of the most blatant and crass political moves I’ve seen in quite a while. It indicates one thing and one thing only: McCollum’s own Polls are telling him he is hopelessly way behind Scott and it’s “Hail Mary” time. Only a man who has over the years has morphed from crusading Foot Soldier in the Reagan Revolution to Professional Party hack could be so tone deaf and so…condescending to the average voter. Do you think we are fools? Do you think we will not see this as anything other than a crass political stunt for votes?

Make no mistake Florida GOP voter: This is the final move of a desperate political professional who once again, flips flops on an issue and then, at the last minute introduces a “Bill” that a) could have been pushed by him any time since he became Attorney General and b) stinks of pure political gamesmanship. Hell Bill, while you are in the “introducing a bill because I’ll promise anything to win” mode, why not introduce a bill making everyone in Florida eligible to “Introduce Any Bill they Feel Like Introducing to the Florida Legislature, Just like I, Bill McCollum, Think I Can”.

Now, all you Florida MSM papers who came out and endorsed McCollum: Time to do your job and ask McCollum this one simple question: “Why Did You Wait Till 13 Days before the Election to pull this Stunt? Why Now?”

Don’t hold your breath on that to happen loyal readers….