The Florida GOP Governor Debate of 05 August 2010: A Lesson in Journalistic and Political Malfeasance

First, as always, honesty in blogging: I am on the record, many months ago, supporting Rick Scott’s bid for Florida Governor.  Also, I have posted on the two major issues (in Bill McCollum’s Mind) about Rick Scott as a businessman. Here Is my Take on the HCA case and today’s Faux Scandal about Scott’s new company, “Solantic” :  All I can say is that McCollum took the lowest road possible when addressing these two issues.  Now on to the Debate.

Where to start…. Where to start… Ok, here is a starting point: The Moderator: John Wilson. This man was totally Bill McCollum’s lapdog tonight.  If McCollum and Wilson were in prison together, Wilson would be Bill’s “Bitch”.  I swear, if you ripped his badly fitted toupee off his head, he probably would have had “Vote for Bill McCollum tattooed on his head.  I have never in my entire life have witnessed a more incompetent, in over his head, biased performance from any member in the media than what I saw from John Wilson tonight.  Wilson not only used highly biased wording in his interrogation of Rick Scott, he also assumed facts NOT in evidence against Scott and allowed complete freedom to McCollum to run over, repeatedly, in the time allotted to him for answering questions.  I thought for a while there Wilson would grow a hump on his back, start calling himself Igor and hiss “Yes, Master” every time McCollum spoke.

Now For Bill McCollum: You can tell a candidate knows he losing and losing badly when he goes rabid attack dog like Bill did tonight.  He did not put forth any real ideas for Florida, he really didn’t show concern for our State’s current economic woes…all he did is what he has done since Rick Scott entered the race: Cry “Thief” and this time he had the luxury of a moderator who joined in the interrogation.  I know I support Scott, but McCollum’s performance tonight was that of a career party hack whose sole reason for running for Governor is that it is his turn. That’s it.

When all a politician can do is name drop and say:

“Look, all the established GOP supports me, you know the ones who have abandoned small government principles here in Florida and…and Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan! (Note to Bill: REAGAN IS DEAD and was President 30 years ago…about as long as you have been living off our taxes) and my opponent is a thief and failure and he has spent only his own money and the only reason he can do that is because, you know he is a failure and …err..ughh.. rich???”

If being able to spend 40 million bucks of one’s own money and not really miss it is Bill McCollum’s idea of a failure, no wonder our state government is in trouble financially….

Bill McCollum’s main goal tonight was to get this campaign in the gutter.  Congratulations. You have done it.  You also, in my opinion, lied on a couple of occasions.

First: Bill McCollum was evasive about his relations with his 527 attack dogs:  “Florida First Initiative”, “Citizens Speaking Out Committee” and the  “Sunshine Freedom Fund”.  I state in no uncertain terms:  When “Florida First Initiative” first started running attack ads against Scott, McCollum denied he had anything to do with them and was eventually forced to admit his connections to them. HE LIED about them and got caught lying. Typical actions by a career politician.

Second: Let me be clear to the people of Florida about how Bill McCollum reacted to the Arizona Immigration bill kerfuffle. McCollum claims he was only initially against the AZ law because of arcane legal reasons which is beyond non-lawyer Scott’s ability to understand and once the Arizona legislature altered the law, he was in full support of it.  I quote from an earlier post of mine:

“However, for the record, I throw the BS flag on McCollum as to his reasons for his change of heart.  It wasn’t because Arizona amended the law, it was because it was hugely popular with Republicans, Floridians and United States Citizens in general and McCollum was caught flat footed on the “unpopular” side of the issue and Rick Scott, justly so, went in for the kill. McCollum, instead of sticking with his first position, did a classic flip flop based solely on political survival. Another self inflicted wound by Bill McCollum.”

Of course, our fearless moderator went to great lengths to support McCollum’s version of events. (That’s the point when I thought that Wilson would start growing a hump on his back).

You know McCollum is desperate when he starts quoting and claiming the support of all the major papers in the area.  WTF???  Since when does a REAL Republican depend on the Uber-Left dailies in this state for support?  Since when does a REAL Republican even WANT the support of the loony-left press?  EARTH TO BILL, EARTH TO BILL: Republican grassroots expect you to treat the MSM for what they are: Moon-bat Liberal nincompoops and certainly not the best arbitrator of who is the best Republican to vote for.

The Polls are NOW showing that Scott does better than McCollum against Sink.  When the polls were showing the opposite, the MSM was beating the crap out of McCollum.  Now that it looks like Floridians are maybe SERIOUS about electing a “Non-Politician” as Governor (hence the Bump for Scott), it is now “All Hands on Deck” for McCollum.  And if Bill McCollum thinks that the Florida Newspapers are going to endorse him over Alex Sink in the General Election if he wins the GOP nomination, then he needs to lose 24 August just for being an complete and utter fool.

Finally: I want to make this perfectly clear: When you raise “fees” you are raising taxes, period.  When you go to the garden store and buy a bag of manure…You might refer to it as “fertilizer” or “Compost”, but in the end, it’s still a bag of sh^t, regardless what you call it. Same goes for “fees” and “taxes”.  Only a career, professional politician (full of sh^t) would pretend there is a difference.

Now For my comments on Rick Scotts performance:  I’ll be honest: you can tell he is not a professional politician.  While he looked a bit uncomfortable in the debate, it was more the discomfort of the amateur orator having to face a fully qualified Bullsh^t artist. (see above paragraph about the nature of “fees”)

I got some advice to Rick Scott: You were at your best when you started to get pissed at McCollum for his constant, over the top harangue of your personal character.  You caught yourself and stayed on message, but by then I was wanting to see some righteous anger.  If you win in August, be ready to show some of that human touch of personal outrage when Alex Sink does a “McCollum” on you in the General Election Debates.

I saw some of that same, informal irritation when McCollum explained his immigration stance.  You started to throw the BS flag (rightly so), but Wilson cut you off.  Next time, stand your ground and tell the moderator “Wait a damn Minute, I have the right to respond!” (just like McCollum constantly did, and John Wilson allowed during this whole debate). Don’t be afraid to be the tough businessman you are and be more aggressive in defending your HCA stint. Try this:

“Everybody got fined: The Mayo Clinic and  John Hopkins got fined and mostly because the Medicare rules are so byzantine in nature, that government lawyers were able to make anyone look guilty.  I wanted to fight the charges.  The Frist Family wanted to give in.  I resigned rather than admit guilt. Then the Frist family coughed up the dough. I was never interviewed, indicted or even called on to testify by the Justice Department.  If you want a good synopsis of the situation, go to PracticalState.com and read what ER White had to say about it. End of story.”

(OK, that was a plug on my part, but hey, a Man has got to develop a readership in this business.)

Overall, Rick Scott tried, in a hour, to put forth a positive message.  Bill McCollum, during that same hour, did his damndest to make this debate a brawl in the sewer.  John Wilson, for all intents of purposes, “beclowned” himself.  I don’t know who does the hiring and firing at Channel 13 in Tampa, but if this is the best they can do for an anchor, then they would be better off giving the job to some random drunk Belorussian who doesn’t speak English wandering the streets of Ybor City.

Also, if this is what Rick Scott can expect from the people who are running the GOP debates..then I say screw’em.  This was not a debate tonight.  It was a partisan inquisition against Rick Scott and conducted by Bill McCollum with the active assistance of WTVT-Channel 13.  I know Bill McCollum is too desperate to be embarrassed by his conduct tonight, but the WTVT News Department should be.

Here endeth the Blog Post