FLASH: GOP Governor Candidate Bill McCollum Most Proud of His Pedophile Record

Check out the video linked to here. It sort of sums up the whole debate. First, according to Bill McCollum, Charlie Crist has only flipped “a bit”. “A bit”!!!???? As a Republican, I’d say Charlie Crist has done a complete 180 back flip with a half-turn somersault twist.

When faced with a softball question on what he is most proud of, Bill McCollum choose to come out against pedophiles. Way to go out on a limb there, Bill. Hard to upset anyone with that answer. Next thing you know, he will be on the forefront condemning neo-Nazis.

Face it, Mr. and Mrs. Republican, If McCollum wins and Crist wins, it will be the same old crowd still in power. The same old Republicans who have helped run this state into the ground and have drifted far away from their small government roots.

If there is one thing to take away from this debate is that Bill McCollum may talk about wanting to discuss issues, but when he was given the chance during this debate, 95% of his comments were spent in the gutter and not addressing the real concerns of Florida’s Citizens. This was a debate of a man who sees his career teetering on the brink of collapse and decided to turn in one of the most despicable political debate performances ever seen in American Politics in order to save it. McCollum was ugly, rude, disrespectful and was caught in multiple lies.

Bill McCollum, like Alex Sink and Charlie Crist, are professional politicians whose metric of success is one simple measurement: “Did I win the Election?”. Not “what can I do to make the lives of our citizens better?” or “What can I do to increase the wealth and well being of the body Politic”.  Nope, it is “What can I do to get elected? PERIOD“.  And last night Bill McCollum proved he would be willing to humiliate himself by putting on one of the most disgraceful debate performances by a career politician that I have ever seen. Bill McCollum might talk after the debate about his desire to discuss the issues, but when given the chance to do it, he proved that he is lying when he said that. Just like he lied about not knowing and supporting his attack dog 527’s.

Bill McCollum is a career politician that does NOT have the decent honesty to admit that increased “fees” are in reality, just increased “taxes” using another name. This is not the voice a of real Republican. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave every time Bill McCollum invokes his name. I am seriously considering resigning from my Okaloosa Republican Executive Committee position because I am almost at the point where I cannot vote for this scoundrel in the General Election if he wins the Primary 24 August. I won’t vote for Sink, but I sure as hell will find it difficult to vote for this cretin.

Florida: If you are happy with how Tallahassee is run: Vote for Bill McCollum. If you are desirous of change, If you want try trusting Florida’s small businessmen and American entrepreneur spirit…then vote for Rick Scott.