Journalistic Vultures Take Sides In The Florida GOP Governor Race

NOTE: When I wrote this earlier today, it was before the televised Scott/McCollum Debate this afternoon in Tampa.  Based on Bill McCollum’s TRULY DISGRACEFUL performance during this debate in which he used the below articles as a source of truly ugly personal attacks on Rick Scott (And I will post this PM on this abortion of a debate. Suffice to day, both moderator John Wilson and Bill McCollum should be ashamed for their performances) I can only assume that this article was a coordinated hit piece between the press team of Marc Caputo/Adam Smith and the McCollum campaign.  I will expound further on this in my next Blog post.  Now On to my thoughts on this “News Article”


Here is a link to the Story that was referred to by Adam Smith in the Buzz.  Note the word “Hint” in the title… A hint can mean anything or nothing.  This indicates to me that there aren’t any really damning facts and the bulk of the story is so much bullcrap. Let’s take a minute and look at the actual article.

First, as anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of a lawsuit, the plaintiff will draw the most negative and sometimes outrageous picture in order to justify their actions.  This is the work of Lawyers, who, knowing that Rick Scott is a wealthy man, were probably following over themselves to file this lawsuit.  My first question, as a responsible reporter would have been to first ascertain if the lawyers for the plaintiff are getting paid based on a percentage of the amount of money that they can extort based on the legal nightmare they can inflict.  The reporters fail to mention this well known fact.

Now allow me to digress: My Dad was a radiation oncologist.  Over 30 years ago, while he was in private practice, a man was referred to him who had stage 4 esophageal cancer.  It was in his throat, upper body lymph glands, jaw bone, etc.  In effect, this was a dead man walking.  Dad said he could treat him but made no guarantees.  The man wanted to know his options and Dad laid them out, including surgery.  Dad specifically warned him that surgery would probably entail his larynx and most of his jaw being removed and the end result would be a possibly somewhat extended (very small) life span at the expense of quality of life.  Dad was Dad, sympathetic, but was all professionalism and “Joe Friday” with the cold hard facts.  Truth be told, this poor bastard was dying and no amount of medicine or surgery was going to save him.  Dad told him as much. (Ironically, My Dad was later to die of cancer: Here is how a Real Man faces the end).

The cancer stricken man chose to go the surgical route and the result was as my Dad said… A few extra months spent in living hell of having to eat via tube; having no jaw and larynx with only Morphine to kill the agony. His family watched in horror as he died. This was a poor, rural family and as soon as they had put the guy in the ground, local lawyers were calling them up, promising the moon for what was obviously a botched surgery, etc…”Your dad didn’t have to die” argument.  I call these parasites the “John Edwards” lawyers.  Make a long story short, the lawyers sued every doctor that this poor schmuck saw after he finally dragged himself in the emergency room with stage 4 cancer.  This included my Dad, who only told him the hard cold facts.  I remember being upset over this, but Dad just shrugged his shoulders and said, “That’s why I have malpractice insurance”.  The lawyers for the Doctors banged heads, did the math and came up with an offer that would save the Insurance company money and Dad heartache.  They settled with the family and the opposing lawyers walked off with the lion share of the money. End of story.

Fast forward to today’s hit piece in the Buzz. They quote “Dr David Yarian, one of the first Solantic physicians and the first person to sue the company just after it was founded in 2001”.

The words that strike out to me is “Sue the company just after it was founded”.  How soon? A month, a week or a day?  To sue so suddenly smells of a company and an employee not hitting it off at the gitgo and the company taking the bull be the horns and getting rid of the problem.  I’ve seen it where I worked and have seen it at other places.  Sometimes, companies make mistakes in hiring and need to correct it by firing an individual.  Unfortunately, it was a known fact that Rick Scott was a wealthy man and a ripe target (like all medical providers) for the legal vultures.

Question: Did Dr. Yarian’s lawyers get a percentage of the settlement or did Dr. Yarian pay them by the hour.  If it was the former, our Dr. Yarian (who also played the increasingly discredited “race card”) was in a win-win situation.  If he wins the lawsuit, he gets some cash.  If he loses, he owes the lawyers nothing.

The article goes on to state “According to Solantic’s statistics, the company has a higher proportion of minority employees when compared with the percentage of Florida’s minority residents.”  But then leaps to the item that other employees have sued using the race card. Huh?  Make up your damn mind, MSM hacks…

The “Good ole Race card”… it was trotted out yesterday before the bodies were even cold to “explain away” why an African-American went berserk in Connecticut and blew away 8 lives before snuffing out his own.  Never mind the man’s union didn’t even bother to defend him because he was caught red handed stealing. Nope, his fiancé made the accusations and the MSM screamed them across the airways without even bothering to validate them.  It is a distressingly more common tactic to explain evil behavior and the MSM hasn’t the guts to call the Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jacksons of the world on it.

So what do we have here in this article?

1)      The fact that a medical establishment/business was sued, something that happens every day.  Example A: “Call 1-800-BAD-DRUG” You have seen the commercials…lawyers: vultures on the Body Politic.

2)      The suits were settled because in today’s tort crazy world the “John Edwards” of the world know that they can drag this suit out as long as needed to make it not worth fighting and the cheaper option for the health provider is to give the ambulance chasers their pint of blood to go away.

3)      Disgruntled Employees comments are taken at face value by the reporters, an increasingly apparent  trend in the MSM.

4)      The “Race Card” has evolved into a cynical and perverse weapon and is used without regard for truth by ambulance chasers and lousy employees alike.

5)      That Marc Caputo and Adam Smith are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, based in no small part, on their own political outlooks and prejudices. (Tonight’s Debate sealed that for me)

6)      The pubic would be better served if MSM Reporters would take on how on how our legal system is being used and abused by unscrupulous lawyers and that TRUE HEALTHCARE REFORM must start with TORT REFORM!

I say The St. Petersburg Times and The Tampa Bay Buzz should go after the ambulance chasers and the need for tort reform vice going after the men who are trying to provide healthcare at lower costs for the individual.  But in the 2010 election year, that doesn’t sell papers… So we get high-school journalism 101 instead.

Now stay tuned for my Debate report…I’m going to raise hell about this debate and how it was conducted by McCollum AND Wilson….