Bad Idea #127: Inviting The Vampire Into Your Home, "Green Grenades" and Ground Zero

Let’s set the mood: It’s getting near midnight, it’s is a cold, damp foggy night, the moon is full and you are sitting in your old, overstuffed chair and the only light in the room is  the light of the wood that is burning in your fireplace and a small, glow provided by your small whale oil lamp…  You sit in your chair, contemplating the meaning of life and suddenly, three loud knocks come echoing from your old oak front door.  You gingerly pick up the whale oil lamp, shuffle to the door, slowly you open it and there is Bela Lugosi standing there.  His lips make a smile , but his eyes are those of a dead man, coldly staring at you, noting the pulse of your jugular vein. He asks, “May I come in?”

Every fiber of your being becomes taunt. You know the rules..NEVER EVER INVITE THE VAMPIRE INTO YOUR HOUSE.  It’s been drilled into your brain since you were four years old and started watching Saturday Afternoon’s “Shock Theater” on TV.  Your lips move to make the word “No!”, but before you can even mutter a sound, Bela whips out from behind him an Ice Cold six pack of Rolling Rock Beer, the infamous “Green Grenades” of your long lost youth , and says “Good Times Are Here Again!”  You look at the Beer, lose all sense of perspective and say “Hell Yeah, bring those puppies in!”

You Blew It! You are good as dead and ya got no one but yourself to blame…remember, NEVER EVER INVITE THE VAMPIRE INTO YOUR HOUSE.

This is the situation we got at Ground Zero in New York right now.  A radical Muslim organization with ties to terrorists want to build a multi-million dollar “Muslim Outreach Center and Mosque” within shouting distance of Ground Zero.  Mayor Bloomberg, the vast bulk of the loony left, the Democratic establishment and even alleged “Moderate”Republicans like David Frum are telling the American people that we must invite “The Vampire Into Our House” or we are religious bigots.  The Vampire in question is represented by Muslim funded “Cordoba Initiative” and its leader Feisal Abdul Rauf.

Cordoba was once the stronghold of Muslim Power in Europe till the Spanish finally kicked them out of Spain in 1492. Does anyone see the irony of the name of this organization?  It is sort of like Neo-Nazi’s starting the “Nuremburg Initiative” and are asking to build a Combination Beer Hall – Stadium for rallies in Tel Aviv.  Hey, you know with a name like that, they are all about making a fresh start and only have the best of intentions, right?

My position: Ground Zero, while it is being rebuilt for commercial reasons (You can’t turn the whole site into a memorial..it is too valuable real estate not to be put to productive use in downtown Manhattan) it is still hallowed ground for ALL Americans.  I know New York took the biggest (but not only!) hit that day, but Americans from all over this nation have answered the call to duty and died and shed blood to bring justice to the dead and to confront the evil behind this most terrible attack on American soil… Islamic Fascism.

Ground Zero Mosque Issue is not just for New Yorkers to decide, it is a question and a duty of all Americans to make their voices heard and let the majority decide if they want this already compromised and ANTI-AMERICAN AND PRO-TERRORISM organization to be allowed to add insult to injury by building a mosque at a location they consider to be the scene of a great Muslim victory.  Remember the dancing in the streets across the Muslim world when 9/11 happened?  I do.

It is not religious bigotry to be opposed to the influx of radical Islamic thought and organizations into our society.  I have been to the centers of the most important sites of the Judeo-Christian ethic this country was founded upon: St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and (drum roll please) the Southern Baptist Retreat in Ridgecrest, North Carolina!  What is most remarkable about all three of those places is I was free to enter and leave (Got me a Pope John Paul II refrigerator magnet at the Curio Shop at the top of the Basilica at St. Pete’s) and if I wanted to, I could say out in the open, at all three sites: “I do not believe in your God and I disagree with your religion and do not want my children to follow your core beliefs” and then walk away, unmolested, or if I so decided, continue to tour and visit the site without any fear of physical threat to me or my family.

Now riddle me this Batman: How long do you think I would last in any Mosque in Saudi Arabia, much less what would happen to me, a non-Muslim, if I managed to get into Mecca at any time and openly criticize Islam.

Islam is still a barbaric religion that is trapped in the Dark Ages.  The “Cordoba Initiative” and its leader Feisal Abdul Rauf are their acolytes and apostles.  Think of them as “Muslim Jimmy Swaggarts”.  They are here to convert the non-believer and once they gain a strong foothold, make an effort for their religious law to trump our civil law (aka: the Constitution).  This effort is already underway in Europe where Muslims have managed to start the governments to allow Sharia Law to trump civil law when it comes to dealing with Muslims citizens. Read about it here. And in neighboring Canada, the same battle is being fought.  Once Sharia law is an established right, the radical Muslims will then make it a push to impose it on Non-Muslims.  Do not think for a second that this is not a long term goal for the Cordoba Project in America.

Now it is time for Americans all over this country to decide: DO WE INVITE THE VAMPIRE INTO OUR HOUSE?

I say no.  It is only common sense. Despite the scorn form the left and self-hating Americans, it is defending the right of American Constitutional law over Islamic religious law. When Christians, Jews and Atheists can walk the streets of Mecca in absolute safety and whenever they want, just like Muslims can now walk the streets of Ridgecrest, North Carolina without fear..then I’ll reconsider my stand against Islam. But not before.