On Dick Cheney: You Know, I've Had It With Liberal Commenters

Dick Cheney is still in the Hospital.  I can relate to the man in a very personal way.  Like the former Vice-President, I too had my first heart attack at age 37.  And like the Mr. Cheney, I too had quad-bypass, roughly at the same age as he did.  So you might say I have a vested interest in him living as long as possible.  It is a tribute to his sheer guts and mental toughness that he did not allow atherosclerosis to keep him from living a very full and meaningful life. No matter which side of the political spectrum you inhabit, you must acknowledge that fact.

Now go to the story on CNN’s website about his current battle against this killer disease and read the comments made by our so called liberal left fellow citizens. Almost all are despicable in nature.

I distinctly remember reading conservative blogs and news sites during President Clinton’s own personal battle with this disease and almost every comment made by conservatives put politics aside and wished him well.  Those few who left ugly comments were immediately condemned and often the comments were deleted. I want Bill Clinton to live long and prosper. He, Mr. Cheney and I are reminded of the fragility of life every morning when we get up and look at our chests in the mirror.

Unless you have experienced such a traumatic health event, and worse, have to come to grips at a very early age, like the Vice-President and I,  that you have a life long battle on your hands, you have no idea how difficult it is to keep looking to the future, much less lead a full and productive life.  Additionally, the stress and strain that this puts on your loved ones is as bad, if not worse, than on yourself.

So to the liberals out there commenting on Mr. Cheney’s health in such derogatory terms, by your words we judge your character AND your politics.