Blood Sport: The Race for Florida Governor

Here are a couple of video’s.  The Miami Herald and St. Pete Times are in full frontal assault on Bill McCollum.  That means Rick Scott better beware 25 August because once he is the GOP nominee, they are going to go after him with a vengeance.  Make no mistake, the MSM is WILL be 120% behind Alex Sink. They think Scott will be the weaker GOP candidate and are out to destroy Bill McCollum. I almost feel sorry for the poor bastard.

First the Videos: In the first one, the two (?) papers do a classic gotcha event: Bill McCollum denies calling the Arizona law “Far Out” and then the two(?)  papers roll that wonderful “McCollum Far Out” footage from a few months ago.  Then Bill gives the explanation that the reason he was first against the bill was because there were “really big problems” with the law and once it was amended a week later, he was fully for it.

First: In an uncharacteristic charitable action by me, I think it is cheap journalism for a paper that has video, reviews if before the going to do a “ambush interview” and then quote from the candidate what were obviously off the cuff observations about an issue made months before.  Just think about it: can anyone out there REALLY remember what they said exactly about any given issue a few weeks, much less months, ago?  No.  Neither should we expect our politicians.  The two (?) papers should have let McCollum first see the video tape and then let him make his case why he flipped flopped.

Here is the link to the video of the Hit Piece encounter:

However, for the record, I throw the BS flag on McCollum as to his reasons for his change of heart.  It wasn’t because Arizona amended the law, it was because it was hugely popular with Republicans, Floridians and United States Citizens in general and McCollum was caught flat footed on the “unpopular” side of the issue and Rick Scott, justly so, went in for the kill. McCollum, instead of sticking with his first position, did a classic flip flop based solely on political survival. Another self inflicted wound by Bill McCollum.

In the second video, McCollum only has himself to blame. As I have stated repeatedly in this blog and to anyone willing to listen: A one note campaign of calling your opponent (who was never convicted, charged or even interviewed by the Cops) a “Crook” does not win a election in “Good Times” much less the horrendous economic times we now find ourselves in.

People are UPSET with the Status Quo, entrenched politicians and people who think that they should be elected just because it is their turn.  Above all, the People are looking for new, innovative actions to help get us out of this mess, which they blame a great part on Government and the politicians who have been in charge during this fiasco.

Here is McCollum essentially putting on display his entire campaign theme, reduced to under four minutes.

Now I have a task to assign to the MSM, the establishment GOP, RPOF members and elected Republicans: I want them to ask this question to both McCollum and Scott:  “If You lose the GOP Primary 24 August, will you FULLY support and work for the election of your Primary Opponent in the General Election in November?

I bet Rick Scott will say “Yes” in a nanosecond.  I bet McCollum hesitates and then resorts to weasel word “legalese”.