Some Things Are Just Plain WRONG and I'm Mad As Hell!

The Obama Administration has been caught lying to the American public about what it knew about the release about the Lockerbie Bomber, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi.

Megrahi was the mastermind behind the bombing of Pan-Am 103 and the death of 270 people, mostly Americans. He was safely rotting away in a Scottish prison, where he was eventually diagnosed (?) with prostate cancer. If nature (and British healthcare system) had been allowed to run its course, he should have died sometime around Thanksgiving last year.

But noooooo, he was “terminally ill”, and a Scottish judge who claimed he was bound by the “Scottish tradition of justice with compassion and mercy ” since some doctor (who should be banned for life of ever practicing medicine, for the good of the Scottish People) said Megrahi only had three months to live.  Then quicker than you can say “Arlen Specter“, this bastard was on a first class flight to Libya, granted a hero’s welcome and somehow, some Muslim version of “Ernest Angley” cured this SOB of his cancer and “ta-da”: the price for killing 270 people over the skies of Scotland: eight and half years in the slammer and a ticker tape parade when you get home.  No more, no less.

Now compare this Muslim scum with American Scum, John Gotti.  First, I am willing to bet John Gotti killed or had killed less than 270 people over his entire criminal career.  Other than the poor man who accidentally ran over and killed Gotti’s son, I dare say most, not all mind you, but most of his victims were fellow “Paisanos”, capish?.  If you want a more accurate accounting, I suggest you Email Rudy Giuliani, he has all the details.

Gotti too was sentenced to prison for life, but it was his misfortune to be put in the slammer by the “Feds” and they don’t (well, I don’t about now) didn’t mess around back then.  We are talking Max Security Prison in Marion, Illinois.  We are talking hard time: 23 hours a day lockup, aluminum crapper, concrete bed frame and sink. When Gotti came down with terminal throat cancer, did we show mercy and let him out and die with friends and family back on Mulberry Street in New York?  HELL NO.  We cut out the bastard’s throat and removed half his jaw, reduced him to getting only liquid food through a tube and then let him die a slow, miserable death. Only after he was dead did we let him out stir.  Now that is justice…

Fast forward to August of last year and, in what is now one of the finest arguments against government controlled healthcare, British medical experts said Megrahi was “terminally ill” and only had three months to live and a Scottish judge decided to let this a#$hole go home to die.

What did Obama do?  Well, he was about as effective as Rodney King was during the LA Riots that left 53 dead in 1992.  Excuse me for expecting that if a man is in prison for masterminding the in-flight bombing of an American Airliner and the slaughter of 270 innocent people (of which a majority of them were Americans), that the President Of the United States of America has the moral authority and the mental toughness to go to the Brits and say “Hell no..he dies in prison and that’s that!!! and make it stick?  Where were the international lawyers the President has at his disposal to muck up the release?  Where was the insistence that the U.S. have access to Megrahi to confirm that he was terminally ill?

The short answer is that Obama has no respect and no standing in the eyes of the world.  No one outside the US really feels they have to listen to him. Yep, you got it..Our President is officially considered aPUSSY” by every member state of the United Nations, even France.

So when Congress holds hearings on this and tries to make the release the fault of BP and Big Oil, just say “Hell no… I want to know what Obama knew and when did he know it” and come 2012, don’t vote for a “Pussy” to be President.

I feel better now, thank you.