THE RACE CARD: Desperate Tactics by the Desperate Left

Enough.  Enough of the left crying “Racist” whenever they sense political pushback or trouble.  For any of you who aren’t aware of the “Shirley Sherrod controversy”, just click here for the details. Simply put, the MSM AND FoxNews, along with a bunch blogs on the left and right jumped the gun and got the story wrong.  Ms. Sherrod was literally driving on a road and got a phone call from the administration that told her to pull over and then fired her on the spot. NOTE: This was before FoxNews even aired a story about this. Here is her speech on YouTube.  In all fairness, she admits to being human with human foibles, but in the end, she comes to the correct liberal opinion that the problem with America is that it is still a struggle of “Class Warfare”. Ugh…

Fast forward today and Howard Dean accuses FoxNews as being racist and the reason for the Administration jumping the gun.

Please.  The time has come for Republicans to make playing the Race Card radioactive.  People of color have zero interference now with their right to vote. The welfare state we have created has funneled billions of dollars to readdress the sins of the past.  Look at what we have created. The African-American family support structure has imploded and our cities are bastions of class and race warfare.  Neither my grandfather, father or I am responsible for any of this.  I am guiltless when it comes to racism in this country.  All I know is that my taxes have gone to support our rapacious government that knows no limit to its hunger for our money that I and my fellow taxpayers are forced to pay.  And taxes are going up on January 1, 2011.

The Tea Party is the rise of a genuine grassroots revolt that this country has not seen for over a century. It is chaotic, rambunctious and aggressive in its make-up and is totally decentralized in nature.  There is no “Chairman of the Tea Party” and there is no organized state-to-state network with bylaws and conventions.  The founding principle of Tea Party is in their name. Taxed Enough Already (TEA- get it?). I’ve been to a few Local Tea Party Rallies and there were no hooded Klansman present, no racist signs, and no racial epithets. Just ordinary people who want to keep more of what they earn and are scared of an out-of-control Congress and an truly radical left administration. (I don’t consider myself a Tea Party member, but I AM a Republican)

The Democrats know they are in trouble and they have decided to play their ultimate hot-button issue: race.  Anyone who opposes them is racist.  Whether it is the Governor of Arizona, Tea party rallies, talk radio, new media bloggers and (especially) FoxNews.  They offer no facts, no proof, they just yell “Racist!!” and use guilt by association  as a tool.

For the average taxpaying American who is more concerned with keeping food on their table, raising their families and usually only start paying attention to elections around September, this unified playing of the Race Card by the DNC, MSM and left-wing new media is a powerful example of the “Big Lie“. Unfortunately, the “Big Lie”, when delivered with the “dulcet tones” of the MSM talking heads, works.

Unless all Republicans, Tea Party Members and Conservatives unite in condemning this tactic, expect this effort, led by Howard Dean and Obama, to lessen the potential wave election in 2010.  This means a unified effort by the most visible and respected Republicans (Both active and Elder Statesmen) to aggressively take on this effort by the Obama Administration and its flunkies and get in the face of the MSM and DEMAND they provide proof of racism and if none is available (and there isn’t), then insist the MSM turn their spotlight on the left who made up these lies.

We also need to start highlighting the reverse racism of the left, whether it be the anti-white rhetoric  of the ACORN, New Black Panthers, La Raza, or the anti-Semitic ravings that can be found on any of the major left wing blogs, we need to be ready to respond as a unified front when the “Race Card” is played.

Don’t be afraid to take on the Media Elites and MSM.  On average, they aren’t that smart.