Rick Scott's Seven Point Plan For Florida

Here is a link to Rick Scott’s website where you can navigate to it and read the plan.

You can rest assured that when this plan first hits the streets the Main Stream Media ( You know, the guys who didn’t properly vet Obama because he was a Democrat) and Mr. Scott’s opponents will be first on the bandwagon saying that this plan is not specific enough.  My gut reaction as a Libertarian Republican (Read my “Bloggy Bayou” posts at www.PracticalState.com) is…Looks Pretty Good to me!

As a husband and father who pays his taxes, mortgage and bills in full and on time, I’m the face of America that is currently getting…what’s the word I’m looking for…hmm..it’s coming to me slowly…. Oh Yes! Now I remember!: I’m the face of America that is currently getting SCREWED by all the elite and out of touch politicians in Tallahassee and Washington.

Mr. Scott’s plans are ambitious and audacious, but they have one consistent theme running through them: A real world view that our State Government MUST learn how to live within its means.  By reducing the intake of the government and by increasing the incentives to the private sector, Mr. Scott is reintroducing to Florida the American Dream.  The American Dream where hard work and effort in the private sector is rewarded.  An American Dream where our education system returns to its roots and better prepares our children for the 21st Century and their children for the 22nd.  Make no mistake, If Rick Scott has his way, our school system will produce graduates more in tune with hard science, math and engineering and with certainly less lawyers, which in my book, is a real big plus.

Now let’s look at the seven steps.  In Step 1 (Accountability Budgeting), Mr. Scott proposes to “Refuse temporary funding from the federal government that creates permanent spending in Florida”. That means, when DC comes forward with, let’s say for arguments sake, 6 BILLION DOLLARS to entice  the Florida Legislature to authorize a completely worthless High Speed Rail link between Tampa and Orlando that will eventually impose a massive tax burden on Floridians to enable it to operate because no one is going to pay well over a 120+ dollars for a 50 mile train ride and there has never been a mass transit Rail System that does not require tax dollars to break even, Rick will say “No, thanks”, vice “gimme gimme gimme” that has been the hallmark of the current administration and legislature.  Maybe, If we are lucky, Governor Rick Scott might even be able to stop a stupid project like this that has already been approved by the Florida legislature and signed into law by the current Governor…/sarcasm off.

In Step 2, Mr. Scott says he will reduce government spending and balance a budget. My goodness, the nerve of the man…Is he actually saying that we live within our means? Yes he is.  Rick Scott is a wealthy man, he has made no attempt to hide this fact.  He got wealthy by creating a better mousetrap when it came to medical services.  Did he cut costs? Yes.  Did he make a profit for his shareholders? Yes he did.  Did he probably step on some Doctors and Administrators toes? Yes. Did the Federal Government go after him because of the Byzantine nature of our out of control Federal Health care system called Medicare? Yep, they did.  Want to read a story that the MSM won’t run or Bill McCollum/Alexis Sink won’t tell you?  Then Click here. Bottom Line: Rick Scott is a hard nosed businessman who knows the bottom line.  He will bring a fresh, unbiased perspective and will take a scalpel to costs where he sees fat and waste.  The man will come into the office owing only the voters of Florida and not entangled with a massive web of political deals and debts that a career politician would have.

Step 3: Regulatory reform: It is an unapologetic set of goals geared not only for big corporations, but especially  for small businessmen, the true heroes of our free market system.  Of interest is Mr. Scott’s goal to reduce energy costs.  If I were a betting man, I would wager that means opening up Florida to more Nuclear power.  Nuclear power is American Power.  Imagine having a Governor who’s goal is to reduce the cost of Electricity in the state.  That means cheaper energy for your home; That means creating a magnet for businesses to relocate or start up in Florida; That means less energy dependence on despots who mean our country harm.  A vibrant, state-encouraged Nuclear Power program, coupled with a revamped education system that concentrates on producing graduates and scientists that can build that infrastructure with Made-in-America hardware and software, would help make Florida the “Physics Capitol of the USA”.  A governor who is also willing to work with other adjacent states to promote a Nuclear power renaissance in the Southeast that would make our region not only “Space Central” for America, but also the bleeding edge industrial leader of the world. That’s a big dream, but I hope Rick Scott would see it as a chance to excel!

Steps 4 and 5: Job Growth and Education: Do steps 1-3 and steps 4 and 5 become self-fulfilling prophecies.  Cheap Energy; sound yet realistic business regulation and a State government that is more efficient and costs less are key ingredients for more business creation.  An Education system that is geared for tomorrow’s highly technical (and high paying) jobs is an absolute must. This means that we take a more realistic look at how we educate our Children and return to the days when math, science and English grammar were the fundamental core of our children’s education.  We must also come to grips with the fact that the cost of Higher education has spiraled out of control and that we must make hard choices as to which courses, degrees and overpaid Professors our tax dollars go to support.  This may sound brutal, but if you want to major in Greek Mythology or do a thesis on Aborigines in lower Tasmania..then do it on your own nickel, not the tax payers.

Steps 6 and 7 go hand in hand.  Cutting Property and business taxes. The first rule of cutting down on Government Bureaucracy is to first starve the beast. The First Rule for attracting business is allow them to make an honest buck.  The free enterprise system is the best highest form of societal structure that has ever been invented. It encourages hard work, it rewards good ideas and it is the foundation of today’s modern miracles.  If you have beaten cancer, If you have had a flu shot, if you live in a home that is protected from the elements, if you take a vacation halfway around the globe, if you drive a car to the corner market , if you enjoy a football game on your TV or if you don’t think twice about the safety of the water that comes from your sink…you can thank America’s free enterprise system for that.

Rick Scott is the only person who is running for Governor who truly understands that it is you, the people that make a difference and not the bureaucrats or self-satisfied elected elites in Tallahassee.  I cannot promise Rick Scott will be perfect or make all the right decisions.  All I know is that he is the best shot at fixing what is truly broken in Florida: Our State Government.