Bill McCollum Throws "Mud", Hits Self In Face

The ad is inserted at the end of my post, but I must admit, it is a slick piece of political hackery. Note the last bullet on the last page:

“Rick Scott’s Company is partners with Playboy in a social networking website that has community pages specifically geared towards gay dating”

“Quelle Horreur!!” Now I am about to rip Bill McCollum apart for hypocrisy. Tampa Buzz, SayFie review and Miami Herald’s Naked Politics take note of the following:

Gay bashing is the last resort of a scoundrel in my opinion. And just to make things worse, Bill McCollum is a genuine 100% hypocrite for going down this path.  McCollum has made heavy use of the 527 PAC  “Alliance for America’s Future”, based out of Virginia.  They are for lack of better words, a for-hire “Political Hit Team”.  And the lead Dog of this rapid attack dog f a 527 is none other than Mary Cheney. That’s right, the gay daughter of Dick Cheney.  Here is their rather eerie one page website.  I wrote them an email a month ago, but they have yet to answer it.  I guess they have taken a vow of silence or follow some 527 mafia type law of “Omerta”.  Here is some background on the groups and its efforts on behalf of Bill McCollum.

Bottom Line: Bill McCollum insinuates that having anything to do with Gays is wrong or non-conservative.  Yet, he uses a 527 hit squad led by one of America’s most prominent Lesbians. Now, don’t get me wrong. If Mary Cheney wants to lead what is, by all accounts a very successful political oriented ad campaign company..that’s great.  More power and money to her.  The fault lies with the apparent hypocrisy of Bill McCollum of using a company led by a very prominent Gay American to bash his opponent and at the same time, make sleazy accusations against Rick Scott of guilt by association to a gay social network.

A breathtaking and dangerous political gamble of the first order, both in taste and in tactics.  I’m calling you out Bill McCollum.

The questions is now, will Florida’s media elite do the same, or will they stand idly by and allow this cretinous behavior go unnoticed and fail to confront Bill McCollum about this flagrant hypocrisy?

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