BloggyBayou vs. Frum Forum

I just visited David Frum’s Website (Frum Forum) and there, front and center is a an alleged satirical article about Sarah Palin’s daughter and it was penned by none other than Frum’s Wife, Danielle Crittenden.  All I can say is that a grown woman should have better things to do and David Frum has “beclowned” himself.

Frum Forum was supposed to be a path for more socially moderate Republicans  (C’est moi) to have a place to gather and explore serious topics and ways we can influence the party to take a more open approach to issues of privacy and “stay the hell out of my private life” stuff.  (I’m A Dick Cheney Republican when it comes to gays and frankly, I could care less about abortion.  It was legal in the US before Roe v Wade and it will still be legal even if they over turn said decision..just don’t use my tax dollars to do it)  However, it appears Mr Frum and his spouse have gone full moonbat mode.

First, this article isn’t even remotely funny or well written.  Second, If Mr. Frum is still a Republican, why the hell is he openly mocking the daughter of a fellow Republican?   I don’t care for Sarah Palin, nor will I vote for her in the Florida Republican Primary if she runs in 2012; but I damn will give her some respect and I for sure as make her family off-limits in any criticism I have of her political views.  That is why I support the concept of personal privacy when dealing with political figures.  Politics is rough enough without going after politician’s families WHO ARE NOT ACTIVE IN THE POLITICAL SPHERE.  That means that if I disagree with a child of a former VP, like Liz Cheney, I am free to do so.  She is politically active and can more than handle me.  However, if you want to be a player in reform for the Republican party, then going after Palin’s kids should be “verboten”,  since they are not players on the political stage.  Leave it to the late night comics and the shrews on “The View”.  They have no dignity, so let them make asses of themselves by cruelly demeaning young  people.  Republicans should be above this.  Apparently Mr. and Mrs. Frum are not.

Look further into Mr Frum’s articles and readers and you will find the usual suspects: Bush bashers, Palin haters and a North East sense of entitlement that only an arrogant bunch of transplanted Canadians and home grown Ivy league liberals can exude, you know the ones who brought our Country to its economic knees and run our so effective Foreign Policy.

If you want political satire, I suggest we all pitch in and give money to the news departments of Taiwan TV.  Not only do they take on political figures, such as Al Gore (Example “A”), they also respond to feedback from their ever growing American Public.  When they heard Americans were upset that Mr. Gore’s true “Girth” was not properly represented, they quickly took this constructive criticism and gave us: Example” B”! As a husband of a native born Taiwanese who gets this stuff beamed into his house live, I assure you this is only the tip of the iceberg and we are on to a real untapped reservoir of potent political satire. We need only send in suggestions to Taiwan TV.  Look how they handled Tiger Woods in Example “A”.  Imagine what they could do with a request to do a retrospective of the Clinton Presidency  I suggest the title “Behind the Green Armored Oval Office Door”…  (Example “B” only briefly gave us a taste of this “Holy Grail” of computer animation)

Maybe we can get them to do something on Mr. and Mrs. Frum… They are fair game after all….