Dear Charlie Crist: Get off Our Beaches and Get Back to Work

The current situation on our Gulf beaches in Florida, in a word, sucks.  The response by the U.S Government has been inept and guess what, so has the State of Florida’s response.  Charlie Crist honestly thinks that by staging photo ops every weekend (complete with anguished grimaces and tanning salon tan) is going to convince folks he has done the best he can.

Baloney. Can anyone point out to me where Charlie has publically gone on the record to condemn the performance of the Obama Administration?  Where has Charlie been for the last 76 days?  I tell you, following President Obama around like a puppy dog.

Has he been insisting since day one of the spill on getting all the international assistance possible? No.  Has he thrown a major conniption fit over the fact that on Day 76 the “A Whale” massive oil skimmer is just now coming to our area? No.  has he complained about the roadblocks the EPA has thrown up to block effective state action in trying to protect our waterways? No.  Has he thrown his weight behind Governor Jindal to help his fellow state try to get a semblance of sanity to the Obama Administration’s over reaction to shutting down all Oil rigs? No.  Has he pointed out FOR ALL TO SEE the that the Obama Administration has been in Bed with BP since the campaign of 2008 (goes a long way to explaining the Administration’s response)? No.  Finally: What is more important to Charlie: Being the Governor during a real life Crisis or running for the Senate?  Does anyone honestly feel Charlie’s #1 priority is the Oil spill Disaster vice winning in November?

That’s just the complaints about his performance during this crisis.  There are plenty of other things Charlie owes us answers to.  What was his extent of knowledge of the shady doings with RPOF funds by Jim Greer?  How about the Jim Greer alleged hiring of Hookers with RPOF funds during a RPOF Bahamas Getaway.  What the hell was Crist doing approving an RPOF junket to the Bahamas in the first place? Ever hear of  the recession, Charlie? To quote Charlie Crist on the Greer Case:

Crist said, “This is an ongoing criminal investigation and I think we need to respect the process of that investigation.” Crist said he submitted an affidavit detailing what he knew of Greer’s GOP reign without any prompting. “I just thought it was a good idea,” he said. “You know, I am a lawyer. I thought it was smart to do.”

Not smart enough in my opinion.  Bill McCollum had better stop being so damned concerned about his election and launch an investigation into Crist’s and Senator LeMieux’s involvement in this tawdry affair.  There is more than enough evidence to subpoena records and Emails from the Governor’s office.  Charlie is neck deep in this scandal and our legal enforcement arm seems to have one set of rules for Charlie and another set for the rest of us.

Finally: Where is the RPOF and the RNC in all of this?  We have elected REPUBLICANS openly coming out for Turncoat Charlie. Time for some party discipline, but it looks like that after being prodded by the grassroots to get rid of Greer, the RPOF has decided to kick back and just observe the Senate contest vice going after Crist hammer and tong.

I ain’t done by a long shot (Example: Charlie Crist and Scott Rothstein), and we here at “Practical State” are going to start asking hard questions to our Republican elected and Party representatives.  Enough talk, we want action. Either lead, or get out of the way.

Remember, bookmark our new site, http://www.PracticalState.com.  Practical State is starting to assemble a team to kick and drag the RPOF and Florida Republicans into the 21st Century and this is our first step.