Bloggy Bayou Update on the Scott/McCollum Governor Fight

Rick Scott has posted on his website a rebuttal to Bill McCollum’s trying to make an issue that Rick Scott has investments in companies that accepted money from Obama’s infamous “Porkulus” Bill. Once again, rather than coming up with innovative ideas, McCollum is going negative against Scott. And once again, this has backfired in McCollum’s face. It turns out that McCollum ALSO has investments in companies that have accepted. Here is the link to the article. It is long, exhaustive and densely detailed. It should satisfy even the most finicky “Journalist”… If you want a short executive style summary, here it is Bloggy Bayou style:

Bill McCollum owns stock in Altair Nanotechnologies who received millions of dollars from the Obama “Porkulus” bill.  Without the “Porkulus” bill it looks like the company would have gone under and Bill McCollum would have lost all his money invested. The Altair CEO literally announced that they went after “Porkulus” Money because , more or less, their business model they were pursuing could not survive in a free market economy!

Other companies that Bill McCollum invested in that found a lifeline via “Porkulus” to save their failing businesses were Towerstream, ArcSight and Telkonet. We are talking hundred of millions of dollars here folks. If you want all the details,  go to Scotts Website for the entire summary of Bill McCollum’s investments that apparently depended on the failed Obama Stimulus bill for their survival.

It looks like McCollum has left himself WIDE OPEN to commercials pointing out his hypocrisy:  I mean, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. For example, just off the top of my head, Scott could say:

Rick Scott has created businesses and good Jobs without Stimulus funds.  Bill McCollum depended upon Obama’s Stimulus Bill to keep his own investment portfolio afloat. Who do you think would do a better Job in saving Florida’s economy?  A man who has created jobs his whole adult life or a man who has only run for a job his whole adult life? The choice is clear.  Time for a Governor who knows business and how to create Jobs.  Time for Rick Scott….

Not a very smart move and it doesn’t really fill me with confidence about McCollum’s apparent “Tin Ear” as far as running his campaign so far.

Second, It looks like Scott has decided to fight fire with fire and has started his own 527 called “Let’s Get to Work“. Once again, the main difference is McCollum tried to hide his connections to his hired hit teams. Scott is up front and honest about his funding of his own 527. Like I have always said, throwing mud is a time honored and historical part of our Democracy these past 250 years or so… I don’t object to it.. I just expect my candidates to have the “cajones” to put their own name on it.

It will be interesting to see if Scott does more than just sling mud and offers real solutions to real problems with his 527.  If he does, once again he will prove to be running a better campaign than the “hoary old man” of Florida politics.. Bill McCollum.