On politics and parties: There are No "Tea Party" candidates, Just Republicans and Democrats

I know, I know…Libertarians and Greens will disagree, but for the most part (like 99.9999…%) of the partisan races which occur in the United States, the choice comes down to GOP vs. The Dems…period.  (Before you point to Charlie Crist….Read this…Charlie Crist IS the Democrat Nominee in all but name)

As for the Tea Parties, I want to state for the record I AM NOT A MEMBER OF ANY TEA PARTY..I AM A STAUNCH REPUBLICAN.  That means if Bill McCollum beats Rick Scott in August, I WILL VOTE FOR McCollum, even though I am a Scott supporter. That is what being a formal part of Republican Party means to me..fight like hell in the primary, but close ranks in the general. Lack of Party Discipline has been a major reason the Republicans lost their luster in 2006 and 2008.

Now there are reports the Democrats in Florida are running candidates as members of the “Tea Party” in a desperate attempt to siphon off votes from the Republicans.  By all accounts uber-liberal Alan Grayson (D-Obamaland) is behind the effort in Florida: just “Google” “Fake Tea Party Candidates In Florida” and look at all the hits you will get.  The REAL Tea Party folks are not running candidates, they are supporting candidates that have their views.  There IS NO FORMAL, SINGLE TEA PARTY IN FLORIDA!… Real tea party folks take pride in being grassroots and involved in raising awareness of issues at the Local, State and National level.  As for Grayson’s efforts, it reeks of typical Chicago style thug tricks and in the age of the Internet, it is easily exposed and condemned.   The Tea party folks are wise to him and are taking action getting the word out.

So folks, the word is, don’t vote for someone that is listed as being the “Tea Party”… because they are really “jackalopes“.  Don’t fall for it and if this is happening in your State…let the world know about it…

Update: Click here For the Real Story on “Jackalopes”