Carolina "Déjà Vu": Florida GOP Also Has A "Greene" Problem

First, you heard it here at Bloggy Bayou first.  If Jeff Greene wins the Florida Democrat Party’s U.S. Senate nomination, Charlie Crist will win the Senate Florida Senate Race in November. Why?  Because Jeff Greene’s personal life will give the Mandarins of both the DNC and Florida Democrat Party the excuse to disown him and formally throw their support behind the much more acceptable (and electable!) Charlie Crist.  (Here is an earlier of Post that explains my statement about Greene’s personal life.) Democrats will not have that option if Kendrick Meek wins. (The politics of “Race” in the Democrat Party would make it impossible).

It is obvious that no matter who wins the Democrat nomination, the Senate race will come down to a race between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist. Therefore, if you were in charge of the DNC, or better yet, if you were Rahm Emanuel, who would rather see as the next Senator from Florida?  A hard charging, articulate CONSERVATIVE American of Cuban heritage or an immaculately groomed, slippery, androgynous turncoat Republican who has, without a doubt, proved to all the world he can be bought?  Not really a hard decision is it.  See where I’m going here?

So, don’t be surprised if the word is given by Democrat Party leaders to their rank and file (can you say ACORN/SEIU?)  to vote for Greene in the primary on August 24th. Then those same Democrat leaders,  without much fuss, can condemn Greene for being (for lack of a better word) an unapologetic “Whoremonger” on August 25th.  The Democrats then throw all their considerable resources towards getting Crist elected without fear of any reprisal from the Democrat base, especially in the African-American community. End result: Senator Charlie Crist (D-FL) come January 2011.

What should the Republican Party of Florida do to short-circuit this situation is to insist that the Republican controlled Florida Legislature IMMEDIATLEY open an investigation into possible crimes committed by Charlie Crist AND his lackey, Senator George LeMieux, in conjunction with indicted former RPOF Chairman Jim Greer.  That means granting Jim Greer immunity and require him to testify UNDER OATH what Charlie and George knew and when they knew it.  If Republicans wait till after the Primary, then they will be too late.  Crist would have more ammunition to call it a political “Witch Hunt” (he will do it anyway, but if Republicans wait till September, the charge will have more traction). 

Doing nothing IS NOT a valid option. The object here is to politically destroy Charlie Crist; this should be the proverbial “Stake” through the this Political Vampire’s heart (FYI: Vampires are androgynous by nature, hence the metaphor).

RPOF: The DNC is currently under the control of Chicago Political Thugs.  Underestimate them at your peril. If Obama holds Florida, he keeps control of the Senate. Obama, Rahm and their goons play hardball for keeps. RPOF, will you?

Bottom Line: Obama and the DNC are going to throw Meek under the Bus, make sure Jeff Greene gets the nomination and then go all in for Crist.  If that happens, unless the legislature makes Crist politically radioactive between now and August 24th, Crist WILL WIN the U.S. Senate race in November and Barack Obama will be the first to call Crist and congratulate him.

The RPOF meets tomorrow for their quarterly meeting.  I STRONGLY suggest someone there make a case for this.  Republicans may differ on the Governor Race between McCollum and Scott, but we should be TOTALLY behind Marco Rubio now. Unless Republicans politically neuter Crist with an PROACTICVE, HARD HITTING investigation into the crimes he committed with Jim Greer…then standby to call him “Senator” Crist instead of “Mr” Crist in January. 

You heard it here first…