McCollum Is Getting Desperate: I'm Calling "dinaf" out on her RedState Post On Rick Scott and His Company "Emida"

This piece is in response to this.

First, two can play this game.  First, I also know how to use Google – Yes, I am sure somewhere, somehow, Illegal aliens use “Emida” to transfer their wages back to kith and kin in Mexico or wherever their family resides. 

Oh my Goodness, “Quelle Horror”, Rick Scott has taken on “Western Union“, the United States Post Office, UPS, FedEx, Donkeys, Burros and other methods of transferring money from point “A” to point “B”. 

I remember, back in 1979, after completing my first set of finals in Grad School (included writing an essay about “How Godzilla Ate Tokyo” in Mandarin–My Professor walked in and threw the classic college “Blue book” of paper and said, “tell me a story for a grade except write it in rows right to left and start at the back of the book”, so I wrote aforementioned classic.). After cramming for three weeks I let loose with a hell of a bender and after spending money on some primo weed..er..ehh I mean beer…. yeah, that’s right beer, real expensive beer… I woke up three days later and realized I was broke in Tucson, AZ with only an onion, a 1/2 pound of beef liver in the fridge and no beer or soda. Dad (my sole source of money) was home in North Carolina.  I called him and “voila”, after a quick trip to Western Union in downtown Tucson, I got my wired funds, hung over but somewhat wiser about money management.  Using Western Union also cost my old man some bucks and back then it was the only really quick way to get money back then from Productive Fathers to Wastrel Sons who were separated by 3,000 miles.

So Rick Scott, the man who revolutionized how Healthcare is delivered in this nation (Whether you agree with his model or not, it remains a fact that he did) is now using his wealth a) to create Jobs b) increase competition in the transfer of funds to support the increasingly (and intertwined) important international trade of the United States and c) has gone in direct competition with already, heavily entrenched companies that ALREADY PROVIDE THIS SERVICE.  It’s called “Capitalism” and guess what, I support competition in the marketplace.

Rick Scott is doing what entrepreneurs do, putting capitol to work to provide a worthwhile service or industry.  Hell, we need more men like Rick Scott, not less. And I bet, if Rick Scott was in the Money Transfer business in 1979, Western Union would have charged my old man less money.  That’s how competition in the business world works.

So “dinaf”, if you want to be fair, I suggest you start off condemning Benjamin Franklin for founding the Post Office and work your way up the food chain of those companies that have been in existence longer than  “Emida” before accusing Rick Scott of being the mastermind of some wild conspiracy theory.  To say that Rick Scott sat in some smoke-filled room and told his staff “Let’s think of a way to export Illegal aliens money” and dreamed up “Emida” is patently absurd. PERIOD.

The above is first.  Now this is Second:  I don’t hide behind Monikers.  If you click on my profile on RedState, you will see my blogging website and if you go there you will see WHO I AM.  I do not hide my identity.  And truth In advertising: I have come out fully in support of Rick Scott.  You want to know what why?  Read this.  And Read This.  I’ve been busy this week, but I was going to write about the “Florida First Initiative” and how Bill McCollum is so desperate he is now not even trying to hide his connections to “ad hoc” 527 slime machines.  This is the action of man who can only measure his worth by getting elected, regardless of principles, ideals or philosophy. JUST LIKE CHARLIE CRIST.  And your piece is an attack that takes facts and distorts them into shapes even Salvador Dali could not have imagined.

I also note, you have made only two posts since joining RedState. Take a look at my record posting since I joined RedState and more importantly, my blog.  I proudly say I have kept plugging away and now have an audience in the “tens”. Regardless, when I write something I put my name on it and stand behind it.  RedState is a place for opinions and serious ideas, not obvious “political hackery” by probable campaign workers. This post is also posted to my sight, http://www.bloggybayou.com/.  If you want a flame war, then take your arguments there. Keep them off of RedState. I don’t censor people who criticize me, but I do respect those who put their REAL names to it.

You want a battle of wits and ideas? Then meet me at my Blog.  I welcome the challenge.  Florida has had enough of career politicians. Time to elect someone who doesn’t make staying elected his only goal in life.

Your move.

PS: I made an “A” on my essay on Godzilla.