Time for RPOF to Start making Plans to Support Rick Scott and Push To Impeach Crist

Here is a link to the Poll that puts Rick Scott above the margin of error ahead of Bill McCollum.  That is 13 Points AHEAD of Professional Politician Bill McCollum.  It looks like another “Good Ole Boy” is having his head handed to him and unfortunately for McCollum, it is too late to go the Charlie Crist route.  And, as an aside, both Congressional Districts 1 and 2 are holding a co-ordinated old style “Whistle-Stop” campaign throughout the Panhandle this Saturday.  Rick Scott is coming. Bill McCollum turned us down cold.  We don’t have enough “population density” I guess.  We are, however, the reddest of the Red in Florida and WE made the difference for Bush in 2000.  This snub by McCollum WILL come back to haunt him.

Folks, 2010 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for our nation. However, don’t let up.  The last thing we want to happen is for the tide for Republicans, especially those Republicans that are NOT cut form the same old Republican Cloth, to peak this summer then trail off in the fall.  I expect our State GOP Party to be at the forefront of keeping the pressure on the Democrats and supporting whomever we nominate in August. We cannot let voter fatigue set in.  While results have been positive for Republicans, turnout has been low in most primaries.  We cannot let that happen on the Republican side this November.  Keep the pressure on our Party and elected Republicans to be pro-active to the extreme.

Also, I fully expect our legislature to go after Charlie Crist.  Here is a Link explaining why.  Charlie Crist is a corrupt politician, PERIOD.  He will say and do anything to get elected.  He has and continues to stain the image of the Republican Party.  Until we use strong medicine and our legislature starts the investigation/impeachment process NOW, we face the very real possibility that Florida may elect a possible Felon to the U.S. Senate.  If this means throwing Crist cronie  Senator George LeMieux in the mix, so be it.  It will become apparent that as the Jim Greer trial continues, that Crist and LeMieux were up to their eyeballs in the sleaze.  Running TV or YouTube Commercials against Crist is simply not enough.

Either the RPOF  and our Elected Republicans are for honest government and show a willingness to go after corruption, regardless of where the chips fall, or face political oblivion in the long term. It is that simple.

It is “Put Up or Shut Up” Time for the Republicans of Florida.  Charlie Crist has played the RPOF and the Florida Legislature for fools.  Either lead, or get out of the way for those of us who will.