D-Day Remembered: The Songs and the Message

For all you hep cats and swingers, I present to you the Coolest, Sweetest propaganda song of WWII.  Here is Nat King Cole, telling the home front on how to behave when D-Day comes: Listen to it here.

For the those of you who prefer their propaganda raw and ridiculous,  Here is Spike Jones’s immortal “Der Fuhrer’s face”: Listen to it here.

And of course, Boogie-woogie was the beat, so here is the Andrews Sisters classic song: Listen to it here.

And finally, Imagine making a Song like this about Todays Islamic Fascists: Here is Spike Jone’s lesser known masterpiece “You’re a Sap Mr. Jap”: Listen to it here. (My, have times changed)

When it came to propaganda,  the best in the World during WWII was not the Germans, The Japanese or even the Brits.  It was the good Ole USA. Combine the pervasive influence of American Pop Music with a masterful coordination and control of the press and you had the best informed and most Gung-Ho Home Front in the war.

FDR’s Director of the Office of War Information (in effect, the Nations Propaganda Minister) was former CBS News head, Elmer Davis who discovered Edward R. Murrow, William L. Shirer and Eric Sevareid and was one of the most influential radio political pundits prior to WWII.

The key to U.S. Propaganda was to be as truthful as possible without endangering the troops.  Press pools and news releases were strictly controlled to not have any operational impact.  Other than that, when one listens to the news broadcasts of the U.S., it is surprising how accurate and open the press was, mostly because these guys went to war with the troops.

Once again, my, how times have changed.