Charlie Crist: Now smackdab in the middle of "GreerGate"

Here is the Story: Jim Greer’s lawyer says Gov. Crist okayed diversion of GOP funds.

Let us not forget a) Jim Greer was Charlie’s handpicked Florida Republican Chairman; b) Senator LeMieux was part of Charlie’s inner circle of cronies and his handpicked placeholder for what he thought was to be “his” Senate Seat and c) Charlie Crist fought like hell to keep Jim Greer firmly ensconced as RPOF Chairman.

Now it looks like we know why.  OK, Mainstream Media…are you going to go after Charlie hammer and tong? Are you going to demand Charlie Crist make available to the Press as well as state investigators and and all correspondence between his office, LeMieux’s and Greer’s?

Does anybody really believe Charlie didn’t know about this?  This has got to be Crist’s worst nightmare.  For if the evidence currently available warranted Jim Greer’s arrest and there is hard evidence Crist and LeMieux knew of and approved of this scheme, (hell, Greer is saying it was LeMieux’s idea!) then we have not only a Governor who is going to be hauled away in the “Paddy Wagon” but a U.S. Senator as well!

Now, I may be wrong here, but if the Governor is caught participating in a felony, isn’t that act…oh what’s the phrase…oh yes, now I remember…AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE?

I don’t know about you, but I say it is time for a Special Session of the Legislature to investigate this very serious allegation.  I mean, both Crist and LeMieux were on Jim Greer’s speed dial. Let’s face it…both Greer and LeMieux were, without a doubt, Crist’s closest confidants.

There is NO WAY these charges do not have a complete and thorough investigation by our elected legislature before the November Election.  No way, no how.  It is too damned serious and cannot be blown off as so much posturing by Jim Greer by our Governor and U.S. Senator.

We Republicans owe Charlie Crist NOTHING.  I expect our duly elected representatives to take action and initiate an immediate investigation and if necessary, impeachment and removal from office.  Any Republican who is currently elected to and/or currently running for office should take this position or, quite frankly, retire from Republican Politics and let some serious people run Florida.

Right now our State is in danger, once again, of becoming a national political punchline.  Time to take a scalpel and cut the Cancer out of our body politic.  I swear, Rod Blagojevich is more believable than Crist is.

Investigate and if necessary impeach and remove Crist. NOW….