A Time For Real Change In Florida

Right now the Republican voters of Florida have the opportunity to break out of the “Good Ole Boy”/ Professional Politician for Governor paradigm  that has gripped our state for uncounted years.  There is a real and viable alternative in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary this August 24th.

Bill McCollum has been a politician since the invention of the transistor. A man who was once on the cutting edge of the Reagan Revolution has, over the years, morphed into your typical mushy middle, run-of-the mill political animal who is always running for the next higher political office.  His path to power is eerily similar to Charlie Crist and is seeming to become the designated, primary path to Governor and Senator of this state.  Run for Congress, then move on to Agriculture Secretary, Attorney General or CFO and then try for the Governorship and hopefully time you exit the governorship at the same time a U.S. Senate race will be happening.

While you produce supposedly competent technocrats (I say supposedly, because look at Crist), it does something to a person’s soul and vision who takes this path.  It appears to render the soul secondary to the desire to get elected; it takes a dynamic vision to achieve something for your fellow citizens and render it blind to all things except making it hypersensitive to political risk that must be avoided at all times.  The result is what we have happening in our country.  Politicians who can’t say no, can’t cut spending, live only to be re-elected and WILL NOT think outside the box.

Bill McCollum’s  first words on his website are about how long he has been in government.  Bam, there it is, reason Numero Uno.  Not “I want to cut taxes, I want to reduce spending, I want to take on the entrenched Teacher lobbies.” Nope, we get “I’ve been at this Three decades and it is my time to be Governor” spiel . We Republicans have a disconcerting habit of always picking the “guy who has paid his dues” as candidates for our executive offices.

It is also interesting to note that McCollum has called in the dirty GOP attack dogs (read about them here) to do much of his dirty work without having his name associated with the negative ads, while Rick Scott takes responsibility for every one of his ads! Also, it is interesting that McCollum only allows comments or posts on his obligatory Facebook page (was there ever a more over-hyped, incoherent political tool as Facebook?) while Rick Scott allows anyone and everyone to comment on his campaign site directly.  That, in itself, tells me the man is not afraid of what awaits him and is not afraid to take it head on.

Well, these are not ordinary times and we need to, for once, think outside the Box and elect something different.  New Jersey, I REPEAT, NEW JERSEY, did it by electing Governor Christie and give a listen to this:


Where is our “Governor Christie” Candidate?  I say it is Rick Scott.  Yes, I know all about the Medicare Brouhaha and I’ve read up on it and guess what, there are two sides to the story.  One is the mainstream media version (and now, doing a 180, the McCollum version) of how Rick Scott got a record fine as CEO of Columbia/HCA.  Bad Boy.

First, while the investigation started when he was CEO, the fines happened over THREE YEARS (2000 and beyond) after he resigned.  He resigned in 1997, and not because he committed anything illegal, but because (and NOT ONE PERSON HAS DISPUTED THIS FACT) he wanted to fight Uncle Sam over the issue!  The Clintonian controlled Justice Department was on a rampage against all healthcare providers at the time and even the venerable Mayo Clinic got nailed. 

Rick Scott wanted to dispute the charges, demonstrate how totally mismanaged the  Medicare system was and fight the good fight.  His reputation was on trial. Instead, the Politically connected other half of his company (led By the Family of then Senate Majority Leader Frist , who still had hope of being President someday) wanted to settle quickly and get this issue behind them.  Guess who won?  The Politicians. 

Rick Scott was never indicted, interviewed or called as a witness.  Rick Scott won’t say it, but I will.  The only reason Columbia/HCA caved to the government was to put this issue to bed ASAP in order not to damage the then Presidential political aspirations of Senator Bill Frist.  That is, unfortunately, the way things work in D.C.

But now, take a step back and look what Rick Scott created from scratch.  He created the biggest, most efficient hospital network in the United States.  Yes, he was a tough nose businessman and yes, part of that profitability came from serving Medicare funded patients. But, as surely as there is air to breathe, I bet you Rick Scott could set you down and in a couple of hours explain to you a) the problems and restrictions the Government places on Healthcare that makes medical care more expensive and b) a plan that would make as its cornerstone providing cheaper, more affordable and better healthcare by reducing the government’s regulation/interference, reducing the government’s contribution (aka: our tax money) and include in it a plan for affordable care for patients that are high risk/pre-existing conditions. 

Believe me, in the coming lean years (and make no mistake, we have spent ourselves into incredible economic danger) I want someone who says government IS NOT the answer to our healthcare crisis; I want a Governor who will stand up and question the economic viability of a high speed rail to nowhere in the middle of our state; I want a Governor who has proven he is more than capable of making hard choices and not afraid to step on hypersensitive politically correct toes. (Look how Scott was unafraid to support the Arizona Immigration law while McCollum was all over the place until a poll told him what to say). 

In short, I am thinking “Outside the Box” and saying it is time to give a man like Rick Scott, warts and all, a chance to lead. If we only insist on non-controversial, politically correct candidates that are afraid to take on the entrenched interests of BOTH parties, then you get a Charlie Crist.  Look how well that worked out.

 So Republicans and Tea Parties: If you are upset with the Status Quo; If you are upset with Republicans that talk fiscally responsibility  then vote for projects like the high speed rail; If you are tired of the same old career politicians running the same old game in Tallahassee, you have got ONLY ONE chance this year to at least have a different type of Man on the ballot in November.  That means you make sure you are registered Republican 30 days before August 24th and then you pull the lever for Rick Scott.  If you don’t, then come this November, you are looking at a choice between the current Attorney General and the current CFO as your choice for Governor.  In other words, more of the same.

I am tired of the “same”, are you?