Obama Fails Gut Check

Obama and Clinton fail the “courage” test on Israel.  Once again, our continued dependence on Foreign Oil and now fear that Turkey is going to the Islamic Fascist “Dark Side” makes US policy one of appeasement, not principles.

Israel, you better start calling your fellow Jews in the US to quit voting, like mindless sheep, in overwhelming numbers for Democrats.  Their support made Obama possible. I really don’t understand the mindset of the urban Jewish community.  Are you afraid of being called Bigots?  Get over it.  The Democratic party is now the heart and soul of the rising (non-Muslim) Anti-Semitic voice in our society.  Just go look at the lefty blogs.

I am Retired Navy… I did my time as a Surface Warfare Officer and as an Intel officer.  Until my Bum ticker put on the medically retired list, I lived and breathed Navy Blue.  This act by Israeli Navy, while incompetent, was morally justified.  (as I explained here).  Israel must, if they want to prevent more terror weapons and arms going onto Gaza, continue the blockade.  It is for their own safety.  Next time tell them to allow uncontested inspection at sea and then, if the cargo is deemed safe, tell them to go to Haifa of offload and transfer to Gaza.  If they refuse, sink the bastards.  Then tell the US to put up or shut up. You might find out that Obama and the his ilk will be in the minority of public opinion.  Sinking some Arab thugs might just prove one of the best PR moves in a long while for Israel.  Just make sure you tape it  and show the US public that you bent over backwards to not have to resort to violence.  We will then understand when you do.

Above all, make the argument that there is no MORAL EQUIVALENCE HERE between Hamas in Gaza and Israel.  The People of Gaza have made their choice.  They chose terror over peace. PERIOD. Appeasement does not work with these people…it only emboldens them.

For my Jewish Countrymen…it is well past the time you rethought your overwhelming support of the Democrats.  THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL OF THE FIRST ORDER…if you believe a Hitler could never happen again, keep voting for these Democrats to be in charge of our foreign policy.  They don’t care about our own borders, why should they care about Israel’s?

For everyone else, whether you be Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, or Jedi…you don’t deal rationally with these Muslim bastards.  They only understand getting the crap kicked out of themselves and must fear you before they even think of respecting you.

My suggestion to the Jews Of  New York City: Make Mayor Bloomberg revoke the right for a “Muslim Cultural Center” at the site of the World Trade Centers. If you don’t do it, get ready to have loud speakers announcing the Islamic call to prayer all over lower Manhattan and randomly painted arrows around town pointing out the direction to knell towards “Mecca”.

Can’t say you haven’t been warned.