Obama's Oil Spill Response Key Objective: Blame Bush

Fact #1: It was the Obama Administration that authorized the Deepwater Horizon Oil Drill.
Fact #2: Obama has been the biggest individual recipient Of BP Campaign Donations

Just keep that in mind when you watch this Republican Ad:

Despite the histrionics of the press, Katrina was a failure of the Mayor and Municipal Government of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana, not of the Federal Government. In accordance with Hurricane Protocol, the first three days after the storm was their responsibility. Mississippi, Alabama and Florida had been hit my multiple hurricanes in the past few years, some almost as big as Katrina and never once did society descend into chaos. Only in Democratically controlled Louisiana did that happen. On day four “Post- Katrina”, the Federal Government showed up in force, as protocol dictated but by then, the 24 hour News Cycle, including the parachuting of Geraldo Rivera into a middle of crowd and making claims that made Al Capone’s Vault look like Pulitzer prize material, had done its job to “Bash Bush”.

Bush’s Katrina failure was a PR failure, nothing more.  Obama’s Deepwater Horizon failure has been a failure of management, judgement and above all leadership.  He owns this ecological catastrophe.  However, bet your bottom dollar he will use it to try to ram the debunked science of “Climate Change” down our throats. And the blaming of Bush will never stop by this administration. FDR was still blaming Hoover as late as 1938 when it was apparent that the New Deal had FAILED.
It worked then. Shame on us if we allow it to work again….