The Politics of Oil and a Failed Energy Policy

If the breakdown in the Deepwater Horizon rig had occurred in ANWR, Texas, or any ground site, the resulting leak would have been contained in hours and the clean-up would have taken a few days.

Right now, we are in day 36 of the crisis and tomorrow we are betting a new, unproven method of plugging the well will work (the Mud-Cement Plug). As mentioned (ad infinitum), the only permanent solution is…drilling another Deepwater well! In other words, we need to create as quickly as possible a “Deepwater Horizon 2 – The Sequel”..does anyone see the irony here?

As I have always contended, the land mass of United States is an energy rich nation, both in terms of sophisticated nuclear power (a source of boundless energy) to hydrocarbon energy, in all its different forms. The off-shore oil drilling is an added bonus to our energy resources.

What needs to be pointed out, in no uncertain terms, that if the people of the United States had allowed our energy sector to grow both in terms of technology and taking advantage of our land based hydro-carbon assets; off shore oil drilling, while not eliminated, would not be as critical factor in our nation’s energy needs. Make no mistake, we currently need offshore drilling to provide the energy America demands. It is either that, or send even more of our money overseas for oil and make us even more dependent on despots, misogynists and downright crazy bastards for our 21st century energy requirements.

Republicans need to take the offensive on energy NOW. This oil spill disaster has breathed life into was the dying, discredited global warming movement and has given them a new weapon to cripple US energy access and industry (the actual goal of the Global Warming cabal).

First: Republicans and conservatives should first start making the point over and over that this would have been a minor incident if it occurred on land in ANWR or any other land based drilling.

Second: Nuclear power is CLEAN power and by its very nature fosters a cadre of Physicists, Engineers, highly trained Electrical technicians/operators and journeyman builders and welders.. and that’s just for starters. A massive effort to rekindle American nuclear power and the associated electrical grid in this country would be a real “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” vice that abomination of a bill nicknamed “Porkulus” . (As an aside, The only site I have seen that proclaims to be a direct result of Obama’s “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” …It had a big expensive sign proclaiming it as such… was a closed rest stop in Alabama undergoing renovation. That’s right, instead of getting cutting edge nuclear reactors and creating high tech jobs, we are, instead, investing in new urinals.)

Third: If we manage our reactor efforts properly, we can drive down the cost of electricity and actually have enough power to run all those electric cars being planned. Right now:

a) Our Power grid/resources cannot support the demand of a massive switch to electric cars by the American Public;

b) Most electric cars are dependent On COAL power plants for power (there goes your green argument).

c) If we pass “Cap and Trade”, gas engines will most certainly be cheaper to run than electric (remember, Obama Promised our Electric bills would have to rise to pay for our energy usage “sins”)

Fourth: As I pointed out in an earlier post, we can also use our coal assets as a critical national security asset and make it the source of our military energy needs for the next century. We know how to make liquid fuel out of coal. This is a well known and tested technology. We need to put the infrastructure in place NOW and make our Military start the transition to United States “Coal” power so that if/when our overseas oil lifeline is threatened during our transition to American Energy Independence, our men and women in uniform will not lack the energy to defend our great land. This will also act a seed money to spur an industry that can be expanded to meet the hydrocarbon energy requirements of our nation as we transition to technically more sophisticated power (once it becomes economically viable) in the future.

In summary, we need to make the Deepwater Horizon disaster a rallying cry for more land based energy efforts and drive for TRUE U.S. energy independence. We must insist on not only more homegrown energy, but we must make every effort to make that energy as cheap as possible. This would spur economic development and would result in less drilling for oil in the ocean. Instead, we can decide to protect these offshore oil beds as hydrocarbon strategic reserves for any emergency in the future. Eventually, if we put together a real energy plan, we may not need them at all.

This is a winning political strategy for Republicans and conservatives at all levels of government, from State, to Federal, to Presidential. This is a plan to challenge America to rise to the occasion and, once again, reinvent ourselves to meet the challenges of this ever changing world. The goal should not just be to endure, but to actually prosper.