State of the Florida Governor Race: It's Getting Dirty

“Alliance for America’s Future”, a consistently useful tool for established GOP figures (According to the Politico our own Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) has used them) has launched a blistering attack Ad on Rick Scott. Here is a Link to it. It seems this organization is sort of like the GOP’s version of “Murder, Inc”… when someone in the GOP gets out of line, the establishment GOP calls in the rough stuff (aka “Alliance for America’s Future”) and doesn’t question how they “got their target”, just as long the top brass (aka: the candidate hiring this PAC, in this case McCollum) has an alibi and appears on the surface to have clean hands.

First of all, here is a more balanced view of Rick Scott and the Medicare issue by yours truly.

Second of all, ANY Political Action Committee, especially one with ties to the “Old Guard” of the GOP that uses Rick Sanchez and MSNBC as their “authoritative” voice needs their head examined.  MSNBC is an admittedly liberal hack job of a News Network and admits that it tilts it take on the news to the left.  They have abandoned any pretense of at least having fair and balanced news reporting (forget about their liberal Pundit line-up at night).  That Bill McCollum is using this MSNBC hit piece in his attempt to keep Scott at bay means he, McCollum, has lost all touch with the grassroots revolt that is going on in the GOP.

If Bill McCollum thinks his hired hit team resorting to using the bête noire” of the new conservative media (MSNBC) is going to win over the minds and hearts of the increasingly wired in and web savvy GOP Grassroots and Tea Parties, he is sadly mistaken.

If I were Rick Scott I would start out my next ad with the words:

“Bill McCollum is so desperate to win, he is using the network of Keith Olberman to do his dirty work.  Not Fair. Not Balanced.  That’s Bill McCollum. Time for a fresh start, time for Rick Scott for Governor”

Really, this latest ad by McCollum and company is everything that is wrong with the GOP. Just like the Ad with John McCain saying to his voters “Just Build The Danged Fence“, it smacks of “the Say Anything, Do Anything to Win Even if you Don’t Mean It” Republican Wing of the Party.

I, for one, have had enough of that wing.