Joe Sestak Was offered an Obama Administration Job to Leave the Pennsylvania Primary: THIS IS A CRIME

atch this video:

This is a flat out case of bribery.  Joe Sestak has opened a Pandora’s Box against the Obama Administration.

THIS MUST BE INVESTIGATED.  In every political race in this country, every Democrat and Republican running for the House or Senate needs to be asked, point blank, if Joe Sestak should be put under oath and asked to reveal who in the Obama Administration offered the job, what was the Job and was the President involved.

Joe Sestak should suspend his campaign for Senator till he comes clean with the American people.  There is no gray area here.  If Joe Sestak is telling the truth, them there is no question that the Obama Administration committed a crime.  If Joe Sestak is lying, he should drop out of PA Senate race.  If Joe Sestak clams up, then he has forgotten the concept of honor and integrity that we teach in the Navy and deserves to lose this November.

It look’s like Obama and his thug administration could have taught Nixon a thing or two about “Stonewalling”.