State of the Florida Senate Race: Kendrick Meek-Thrown Under the Bus; Charlie Crist Doesn't Give Refunds

If you travel the roads of Florida now days, try pulling over, stop your vehicle and then roll down the window. Then listen, I mean really listen and you will hear the sound of “Ke-thunk-thunk” rolling across the land. That is the sound of Kendrick Meek being tossed by Obama, the DNC and Florida Democratic Party under the bus. All the political blogs from the deadwood papers are on the offense against Meek. His use of earmarks and his association with developer Dennis Stackhouse are being flogged for all they are worth, both by the press and by Meek’s new rival, Millionaire Jeff Greene.

The word is out: If the Democrats even hope to have a candidate that will have chance of beating Rubio, then they better go with Crist. So if Charlie must win, then Meek must be destroyed. Not that is too tough a task. Meek is so vulnerable, that Millionaire Jeff Greene, a guy who got rich with credit-default swaps and says on his website: “Never did I imagine that the subprime mortgage market would implode, and I would make hundreds of millions of dollars.”, is considered by some a serious threat to Meek winning the Democratic nomination. Other issues Greene addresses on his campaign website, (and this is not a joke):

a) Why did he have Mike Tyson as the best man at his wedding?
b) What was His relationship with Heidi Fleiss? Did she really live with him?

This is beyond parody, so I will move on…

Now couple this story with the one of Crist not giving donation refunds and then openly laughing and smirking at a press conference about it like a High School Prom Queen who just made fun of a girl with fat thighs, we have the making of political farce here in Florida. To all my fellow Republicans who are asking that Charlie give them back their money: You would have better luck getting your money back from a street hooker’s pimp in Newark, New Jersey.

In summary, the only adult in the Senate race is the youngest guy in the race, Marco Rubio. The primary in August is now about Kendrick Meek being able to survive. The main event, Rubio versus Crist, has been postponed till November.

To all my fellow Floridians: If you want adult representation in the US Senate: Click Here and Donate Money to Marco Rubio.