Eric Holder is a Disgrace: Can't Name Who Our Enemy Is: Make Him Resign

Watch this Video:

I ask you, is this the man you want in charge of the FBI, Is this the man you want to be one of the critical players in our nations Homeland defense? Now you see why our military is being cowed into political correctness and was unable to stop a dangerous lunatic, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who was openly hostile to his own country and the military that paid him. The disease starts at the very top. For this abysmal performance alone, Eric Holder should resign as our Nation’s Attorney General.

This piece of video should be part of EVERY Republican’s Ad campaign when running for the House or Senate. Make them defend this truly whimpering, left wing loon doublespeak.

We have men and women dying and this man is afraid he might “insult” the Islamo-fascists who are out to kill them.

Call your Senator and your Congressman and tell them: Demand that Eric Holder resign or stand aside and let the people elect a person who will insist on Holder’s resignation.

It is time to play Hardball and Eric Holder throws like a sissy.