What does Charlie Crist Know About "Love Shack" Gate, and When Did He Know It?

Charlie Crist, who has literally taken our hard earned Republican Dollars and run, who has put HIS self interest above the Party’s and the State of Florida, is now calling for a special session of the Legislature to address a non-existent problem, i.e., Banning Drilling off the Florida Coast… it’s like calling a Special Session of the Florida Legislature in order to really emphasize that murder is illegal.  DRILLING OFF SHORE FLORIDA IS ALREADY BANNED and some of us want  that ban lifted.  Instead we get Charlie Crist playing “Chicken Little” in order to score political points and use up more of our tax dollars FOR NO REASON.

So, I suggest that if Charlie calls a special session, we Florida Grassroots Republicans demand our legislature actually do something constructive:  We need to look into his knowledge of the State Financing the security detail for South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford when he came to Florida to rendezvous with his Argentine Firecracker/Mistress.  So I propose the Florida Legislature investigate during the Special Session the following Questions:

Question 1: What does Charlie know about Sanford’s use of Florida “Love Shacks” and any associated drilling that might occurred?

Question 2:  Did Charlie approve of tax dollars being used to support Sanford’s use of a Florida “Love Shacks” and any associated drilling that might occurred?

Question 3: Has Charlie ever used State dollars to go to his own personal Florida “Love Shack” before he was married and what, if any, associated drilling might have occurred?

Question 4: Has Charlie ever used State revenues to go to a Florida “Love Shack” with someone/thing other than his wife after he was married? If so, did any associated drilling occur?

Question 5: Has Charlie ever been extended reciprocity by other Governors to go to Out of State “Love Shacks” and what, if any, associated drilling might have occurred? If so, why didn’t Charlie keep his affairs and money confined to Florida “Love Shacks”, which, I’m sure all my fellow Floridians will say, are as good if not better than any other “Love Shacks” in any other State and including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands AND Guam.

I mean, if we are going to have a special session about drilling, let’s make it really special!