Time for the National GOP to make amends to the Great State of Florida

The damage that has been done to the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) By the Crist regime has been massive in nature.  How Jim Greer took the funds of the of the RPOF and turned it into his own personal slush fund (and by using his name to hide Charlie Crist’s doing the same) was a scandal that rocked our party to its core. The consequences of Republicans nominating  and then helping Charlie Crist in his political career have, in the long run, proved disastrous.  With Crist, we got Jim Greer, and with Jim Greer we unleashed unbridled greed and corruption into the political fabric of our State. We, the Republican Party of Florida, did this to ourselves.

Yet, when your everyday Mom and Pop Republican found out about it, it resulted in a bottom up cleansing of our party.  If there is one, bright shining lesson in all of this mess, it is the lesson that ACTIVE local Republican County members can still make a mark on the professional Politicians that we elect to represent us in Florida. (Please, let’s be honest  on this matter, both Democrat and Republicans , for the most part, field career politicians as candidates for their state wide and federal offices.)

As I type these words, the new leadership of the Party in the Form of Chairman John Thrasher (yes a seasoned politician, but by all accounts honorable man) and Vice-Chairman Deborah Cox Roush (A Small Business owner who comes from the heart and soul of the Republican grassroots) have chosen, not the easy path, but the much tougher, yet more honorable path, for our party.  They have hired a independent third party audit firm (the same folks who exposed all the ENRON malfeasance) AND called in the law enforcement to investigate possible crimes.  It is bitter, but necessary, medicine.

The RPOF is making amends and slowly regaining the trust of the party faithful.  However, this post is not about the RPOF.  It is about the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). Chairman Michael Steele and Senator John Cornyn owe the RPOF an apology and, more importantly, money to attempt to repair the damage that was done by their pre-emptive endorsement of Charlie Crist and the damage that Charlie Crist’s independent run  is going have on ALL Republicans running for US Congress and Senate.

The “Good Ole Boy” politics that bred the arrogance of anointing Charlie Crist as the presumptive Senate  Nominee not only was an insult to all Republicans in Florida, it has arguably led to his independent run.  Why, because Charlie Crist is “all about Charlie” and he knows that if elected, he will still find willing friends like Lindsay Graham, John Cornyn, Michael Steele, Mitch McConnell and yes, John McCain, ready to welcome him back into the fold of the aloof “Inside the Beltway” GOP establishment…the same establishment that gave us TARP and seek to work with the democrats to further centralize the power of the federal government. (Senator Graham’s embrace of “Cap and Trade” is a prime example).

Charlie Crist running as an independent WILL have a major, negative impact not only on the Senate race, but also on all Republicans running for US Congress.  The Scenario the MSM has been salivating for, a three way race for the Florida senate race, WILL BE the major race, NATIONALLY, to follow in 2010.  It will sell papers and it will generate ratings.  The MSM doesn’t give a damn about what is best for the country, all they want is a storyline that will keep them employed. (Example: ABC News Cut 1/4 of its News department today…deadwood papers are in even worse shape)

The result, they will do everything in their power to help Charlie Crist stay competitive.  And a competitive Charlie Crist means he will be taking potshots at Conservative Republicans  as much as he can and THAT results in less votes for Republican Candidates running for the House.  For Example: DO NOT think Charlie Crist and Allen Boyd won’t join forces in Congressional District 2 and demonize the eventual Republican Nominee as a person who supports “Marco Rubio’s” radical right wing politics.  Any Democrat who is in a fight for his/her political life will use Crist to help them if they think he can.  Remember, The man WAS elected governor.  He does have a base and they WILL cross party lines to vote for the Democrat if Charlie Crist goes around crying “Neanderthal Republican!” to every journalistic hack in the Press.  He has nothing to lose, because he KNOWS, like “Holy Joe” Lieberman, there are enough Senior Republican “Good ole Boys” to let bygones be bygones and let him back into the GOP Club.

Charlie Crist is a clear a present political danger to Florida Republicans taking on Democrats in competitive U.S. House seats.  And a large part of that blame lies with the RNC’s  Michael Steele and NRSC’s John Cornyn.  They owe the Republican Party of Florida, all Floridian Republican Candidates for Congress in November and above all, Marco Rubio, a complete and total “Act of Contrition”.  That means making assets available, both in money and people, to any and all Republicans running in tight races for the House.  That means Marco Rubio gets any monetary and boots on the ground support he demands.

I fully expect my new RPOF leadership to make this known to the RNC and NRSC and I fully expect to see results.  For starters: Allen Boyd in Florida Congressional District 2 should be a major political target for the RNC. NO  “ifs, ands or buts” about it.  Whoever wins the Republican Nomination for that district should have MASSIVE funds by the RNC committed to defeat Boyd.

Also, I fully expect the RNC and NRSC to be using their funds to rehabilitate the RPOF brand BEFORE the August Primary.  The following is an example of where we need the NRSC/RNC’s help: There is going to be a “Whistle-stop” tour of Florida Congressional Districts 1 and 2 on 12 June.  (For you Non-Floridians: These two Districts cover the entire Florida Panhandle)

Republicans running for statewide office, US Senate and US Congress for District 1 and 2 will be going from town to town on the 12th to visit coordinated local GOP rallies on that day.  It starts in Chipley and winds up in Pensacola.

I hereby ask that the RNC and the NRSC take an active role in supporting this event.  That means buying airtime on local TV to promote it; it means lending support and boots on the ground at the various stops along the Route; It means renting air-conditioned buses for the candidates to ride in from stop-to-stop.  It may mean getting some big name GOP members to tag along and give the event more appeal.  It means MONEY SPENT IN THE PANHANDLE OF FLORIDA . It means making personal appeals to all the Republicans Running for statewide Office, Congressional Seats 1 and 2 and Marco Rubio to participate and that the RNC and NRSC is picking up good chunk of the tab.  It means starting to pump up the citizens of the Gulf Coast to go to the polls in August and November and tell them that their National  Republican Party values their vote.  You OWE us, not the other way around.

And to those Florida candidates, I say to you, if the RNC and NRSC step up to the plate in an attempt to make amends for their horrible performance in  the past by supporting this effort, then you should support it also.  The customer is the voter and the customer is always right.

To the RNC and NRSC, you will find a eager and receptive audience here in the Panhandle…just make sure you bring candidates and guests to us that are NOT like Charlie Crist.