Amercia: The Story of Us: A Legitimate Criticism

Discovery Channel is doing a six part episode on the United States of America.  My family recorded it and watched the first episode.

While it is OK for family viewing, if the first episode is any indication, we are about to be treated to a very PC version of our nations founding.

My main gripe is that in telling the story of the Revolutionary War, it COMPLETELY ignored the the part of the war fought in the South, which was where it can be said, the British lost the war.  Here is just a short Primer on the Revolutionary War in the south.  Not one word in the episode about the Battle of Kings Mountain, the Battle of Cowpens or Guilford Courthouse. Nada, zip..NOTHING.  In what was supposed to be the final shot of the British Flag being hauled down at Yorktown, to be replaced by the American Flag, when they zoomed out with their CGI effects, they had the event taking place in Downtown New York vice Yorktown in Virginia. It was if the South never existed except for introducing evil tobacco…

This, coupled with the prominent mentioning of African Americans contribution efforts to the war (and nothing about my Scotch Irish ancestors kicking the crap out of the British – Born and raised in the Carolinas, I have documented ancestors who fought in the war, Frost Snow and his Brother Ice Snow…Yes that were their names) and also the prominence of Henry Louis Gates acting as a commentator (yes, that Gates, the black Harvard Professor who cried “Racist” when he was caught breaking into his own home and wound up at Obama’s infamous “Beer Summit” when it became clear HE, Gates was the racist in the incident) makes me feel that Southerners are going to be in for a rough ride in this series.  Also, with Tom Brokaw and  Brian Williams also giving us the benefit of their knowledge of American History, I fully expect the South to play the heavy in much of the narration. Newt Gingrich, a legitimate historian, is also thrown in the mix…but then again, he sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi for those “We” commercials.

All things considered, it’s better than letting the son watch Nickelodeon or Disney crap, but I’m making sure he watches it with me.  He now knows about the Battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens.