Message to RNC: Don't Repeat the Mistakes of the RPOF

The RNC is suffering a case of self inflicted gunshot wound.  For our Senior Republican Leadership on the National level: Don’t drag out this really stupid behavior like the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) did.  Our Florida GOP went through the Political Torture of The Damned for what seemed an eternity when confronted with alleged malfeasance.  What probably started off as a case of really bad judgment spiraled out of control and we are now faced with an actual case of possible criminal activity on the part of the man who was our most senior RPOF official.

Make no mistake, when the entrenched RPOF party elite balked at getting rid of Jim Greer, it was the local county parties that took the “Bull by the Horns” and clamored for action.  After many months and an actual party revolt, a new team was put in place, one that was committed to cleaning up the mess left by Jim Greer and company.  The criminal investigation linked to in this post is a direct result of honest Republicans in the RPOF doing their job.  It was an unwanted, but necessary cleaning of our State party.  Chairman Thrasher and Vice-Chairman Cox Roush deserve our thanks and our support.

The lesson learned: When it’s obvious something is wrong, take immediate action and remember, it is usually not the crime but the cover-up where the most damage is done. 

That is needed now at the RNC.  Chairman Steele has proved to be a disaster.  His performance in the past (his constant apologizing) and the gathering evidence that he is unable to properly manage the RNC points to the inescapable fact that he is in over his head and needs to go.  Do not let this state of affairs fester. This situation requires immediate action and that means the powers that be in the GOP take charge and a) replace Steele and all senior management in the RNC and b) conduct an immediate Forensic audit of RNC funds.  The results of the audit should be made to all State party chairmen and GOP members of Congress.

Chairman Steele should do the honorable thing and immediately resign.  If he does not, he should be fired. ASAP.  We Florida Republicans learned our lesson the hard way.  Learn from our mistakes here.  This situation requires swift, sure surgery to cut out the cancer that is in the RNC and true transparency in the audit of funds.  If possible crimes are uncovered in the audit, report it for investigation.  If the GOP acts now, you might avoid what happened in Florida.  Believe me, it was painful.

Time is short.  The time for action is NOW. We cannot let this situation interfere in the November election