MSM says "Gimme a Break...."

Our local Deadwood paper is at it again… complaining (and rightfully so) about the over heated rhetoric directed at Obama..

Here is My response:

It staggers the mind that ANYONE would compare ANY American President’s character with that of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc and expect to be taken seriously in civil political debate…

That said, where was the outrage from the press when the left were doing exactly that to Bush? “Code Pink” comes to mind…

There was no outrage, there was no condemnation of Cindy Sheehan when she spoke with “Absolute Moral Authority” and the NY Times, NBC/CBS/ABC stumbled over themselves to interview and photograph her.

Where was the MSM outrage over Obama being an active ally of Terrorist Bill Ayers?

Where the MSM outrage over the administrations offering the a primary opponent of Arlen Specter a Whitehouse Job if he would drop out of the Primary?

Where is the outrage over Tony Rezko’s financial involvement with the Obama’s for their own personal gain?

How did Michelle Obama get a pay increase of $195,000 after Obama became Senator? Did it have anything to do with his getting a million Plus earmark to the Hospital she worked at?

Where is the outrage that Congressmen made false accusations of racial epithets being hurled against then by Tea Party and other protesters last week?

The MSM (and the NW Florida Daily News) is missing in action when it comes to holding this administration and Congress to the same standards they did when the Republicans were in power.

So, save your crocodile tears NW Florida Daily News and other MSM outlets, you are much too late to be making a moral judgment on this subject…

THAT is why regular Americans hold the press in so much contempt…

All I can say is, gimmee a break….

ER White
(AKA Bloggybayou.com)

They only complain when the left is in trouble politically….