REDSTATE NATION: Quit Bitching and Do Something

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There Is Too Much Anger and Not Enough Willingness To Make Tough Choices By The Tea Parties And the Republicans

Right now on Redstate they have a picture of Rep Stupak up on the site With the word “Chump” under his photo.  Eric Erickson has listed it as an open thread for conservatives to vent on.  The Social Conservatives bet the ranch on “Pro Life” Democrat and lost.

Give me a break….was there any doubt the Democrats would cave?  Obama and Pelosi bit the bullet and went all in on the Senate version of the “Nationalized Healthcare Camel Nose Under The Tent” bill and won.  Reconciliation is already dead.  (Unless the Republicans cave in on that in the Senate, which is ALWAYS a possibility).  I looked in our local paper today to see if they would run an editorial on how they would come down on today’s vote…they didn’t.  Typical NW Florida Daily News. Pat Rice and Company were probably for the bill, but in an effort not to destroy Rep. Allen Boyd’s career over his caving in to the left-wing of his party, choose to ignore the issue.  So be it.

Want to know what our next move should be?  It will require iron will and painful honesty.  The United States of America needs to admit it is broke.  Our pockets are empty, our monetary system is in ruins and right now, our bankruptcy is being literally papered over by the massive printing of money.

The Republican Party, one way or another, along with the Tea parties need to, between now and October, to pull the plug on this charade.  This will probably mean Chrysler and GM go bankrupt and many a major financial house on Wall Street goes belly up, but we must take our medicine quickly, even if it is painful.  That would be the quickest way to a majority in Congress for the Republicans and also the quickest way to a necessary but painful overhaul in our tax system, our legal system (AKA Tort Reform) our health system, our education system and our Political System (Term Limits). 

The days of allowing the unproductive citizen to leech his or her existence off the shrinking base of productive citizens must come to an end.  Tea Parties: the days of saying you don’t take sides anymore ARE OVER.  Make a choice or be quiet and disappear.  Start a third party and you doom the nation for generations.

First on our agenda: we must put our financial house in order and this means Republicans and Tea Parties forcing the Government, Wall Street and Federal Reserve to have a “Come to Jesus” moment with the American Public. Our Republicans officials MUST BE BRUTAL in exposing the Financial House of Cards that has been allowed to fester in our midst.  This means breaking the back of the Federal Reserve, Treasury and Wall Street to expose the massive fraud and misuse of public funds that have occurred.  The protest should be loud, aggressive and above all, based on truth and facts (we have them on our side).  Above all, we must be honest about our debt and admit Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid ARE BROKE and MUST BE FIXED NOW.

We must be in “Take No Prisoners Mode” politically.  No more allowing Senate Republicans to “wander off the reservation”.  The McCains and Grahams need to shut up about Gitmo and Immigration and Republicans should concentrate solely on a) Money issues and b) The meltdown of America’s Foreign Policy, PERIOD. Leave the Abortion issue and other Social Conservative issues at the door.  We don’t have the luxury of time to debate them right now and they always wind up being a circular firing squad anyway.

We must be willing to take our message to the people and we must SHAME the MSM into covering it.  If the MSM INSISTS on continuing to carry the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Stupak Party’s water, then we need to bypass them ALL TOGETHER and make their bias a legitimate political issue.  This means boycotting the Press, refusing to give interviews and starting up our own media to inform the people.  If ABC/NBC/CBS don’t want to tell the American people the truth over the PUBLIC airways, then lets promise to levy TV taxes on them to help pay for the debt.  The first thing they will cut is their unprofitable News Business.

You want a Peaceful Revolution of Renewal for our Country?  Then act like our forefathers and START A REVOLUTION using the Constitution as our guide and the modern technology of the 21st Century as our tools of revolution.

And above all, quit bemoaning our fate and take action.  Like it or not, Obama and the Democrats won playing by the rules. We let them win.

We need to concentrate on changing the game and the rules.