Senator Bill Nelson: Sold His Vote and Lost his Political Soul

First, let’s get real. When the House votes for the Senate Bill on Sunday, Obama will have his Healthcare bill and it will be law that day. Any talk of reconciliation is that…just talk. That means our Democratic Senator will get his “Gator-aide” kickback for a select set of seniors in Florida. Not all seniors, but seniors who he has depended on in the past to vote for him. Screw the rest of Florida Seniors on regular Medicare, he went for the seniors in “Medicare Advantage”.

This is the nature of political bribery in American politics. Not outright money in the pocket of the politician, but money to help keep them in office. When it comes to drugs, political incumbency and power is more powerful than heroin. How else does one explain a near decrepit Robert Byrd still in the Senate or the spectacle of Strom Thurmond finally “retiring” when he hit his 100 YEAR OLD Birthday.

If you want to talk about vanity, the only thing more pathetic than aging movie stars slicing up/injecting their bodies to look younger than they are (and fooling no one), is fully grown men in the Senate getting Botox injections and Lord knows what else done to their face and scalp in order to get that tight plastic looking sheen to their forehead or that bright line of hair plugs on their head. Joe Biden is the poster boy.

But this is more than about Bill Nelson and his shiny forehead. This is about the corruption of one man who sold his vote to Chicago thug politicians for votes. A woman who sells her body for sex is called a prostitute. What is the correct term for a man who sold his vote for crass political gain?

The United States is rushing headlong into bankruptcy. Does ANYONE in their right mind think government run Healthcare will save our tax dollars? My God, look to Europe where they cannot afford clean hospitals and the regular horror stories coming to light every day about Britain’s system. A Premier of a Canadian Provence flew to MIAMI to get his heart surgery done rather than trust the Healthcare system he has helped inflict on his own people. That’s like Charlie Crist taking regular trips to California to keep his “Tan” because Florida Sunshine just doesn’t get that right “bronze” color that goes best with his immaculately coiffed hair.

So what have we gained from Bill Nelson’s vote for Obamacare?

a) More debt for our children
b) NASA gutted in a frantic attempt to pay for what in the end, will be the unaffordable.
c) A Senator who made no attempt to hide his shallow self-interest and desire to stay in power by selling his vote against the best interests of his constituents, his State and his Country.

So the question remains: What is the correct term for a man who sold his vote for such crass political gain?

A whore does it for free, so that term is inappropriate. I hereby suggest we officially nickname our Senior Senator from Florida as “Hooker” Bill Nelson, or just plain “Hooker” Bill for short.

So, I ask the good people of Florida: Let us retire Ole “Hooker” Bill Nelson when he tries to sell himself in the 2012 Election.

Other nickname suggestions welcome.