The Case for Marco Rubio For Senator

Adam Smith is one of Florida’s premier “political” reporters. Here is link to his bio. A native of New York and educated in Ohio, he has managed to impress enough people (according to his own bio) to be named the best political writer in Florida by washingtonpost.com and one of the country’s top 10 political reporters by Columbia Journalism Review. Heady stuff indeed…If you are impressed by liberal elites. Unfortunately, yours truly is not.

I now direct your attention to this article posted by Mr. Smith. He describes, without any attempt at hiding his own glee as he spins the story negatively, how a young man, of relatively humble means, made his way to the top of the Florida legislature in record time. A 100 years ago this would be the stuff of legend and admiration. Marco Rubio played the game of politics, according to the rules set by both Democrats and Republicans and against formidable odds, beat them. He didn’t make the rules, he just studied them and used them to advance his political career. Is Marco Rubio ambitious? Yes. Is Marco Rubio smart? Oh, hell yes.

Politicians, by nature, are aggressive “Type A” personalities. They also have to be thick skinned and politically shrewd. As the old saying goes, “Politics ain’t beanbag”. So I am neither upset nor particularly worried about Mr. Smith’s article.

Why? Because I DO NOT accept the fact that the press in the vast majority of America Main Stream Media, especially newspaper reporters, are a) unbiased; b) professional and c) particularly intelligent.

Just read the above article by Mr. Smith. If you wanted to publish a book on the Press, this article would be a textbook example of the “hit piece”. No attempt was made by the author to hide his own contempt for Rubio, and the whole tenor of the article was that Rubio was using party funds to essentially let him live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. He even pulls out specific meal charges to try to smear Rubio, quoting two examples: “$14.24 bill at Andrew’s Capital Grill & Bar, to $184.15 at Masa, an upscale “Asian-fusion” restaurant.” No attempt was made to put these charges in context. Was Mr. Rubio attending to party business when he charged a modest 15 bucks for lunch? Was he talking to donors and by investing 200 bucks at a restaurant, got a $10,000 dollar donation?  If so, I’d say the RPOF made a damn good investment.

Read the article. What you will find is that Marco Rubio, at the end of the day, is a man of modest income and like the rest of us, is making his mortgage payments on time. And most importantly, he didn’t, like a lot of politicians, (listening Charlie Rangel?) get rich while he was in office.

Finally, before I move on, Mr Smith drags Mr. Rubio’s wife into it. He could have said simply stated his wife acted as Rubio’s treasurer, but no, he had to add the snarky comment the she was a “former Miami Dolphins cheerleader”. A subtle, yet deftly handled rapier cut to Mrs. Rubio, using the stereotype of pro-cheerleaders not being known for their intellectual acumen. A truly despicable jibe by Mr. Smith and uncalled for.

In the final analysis, once you finish Mr. Smith’s article, the impression is not one that Mr. Rubio is a spendthrift, but it is one that Mr. Smith has decided to use his constitutionally protected position to perform a piece of political hackery and leaves no doubt that he is out to get Marco Rubio, just like Dan Rather was out to get George Bush. So much for the impartial “Press”.

Mr. Rubio biggest sin, in the media’s eyes, is that a year ago he launched a long shot campaign for Senator against a classic mushy middle Republican that could be counted on to cave to the Democrats on conservative issues. What Speaker Rubio saw, (not a lot of People give him credit for this), was that Obamamania would soon come crashing down and soon it would dawn on the people the hard cold reality that President Obama and the Democrats were about to embark on a path that could not restore our financial house in order and in fact, will prove to be eventually a financial disaster of Biblical proportions. ANYONE who thinks we are on the road “economic recovery” either was not politically aware in the 1970’s or has a almost cult like reverence for Obama and his policies.

Charlie Crist did not have the foresight to see this and stood on the stage with Obama to openly embrace one of the most wasteful and irresponsible political acts of our nation’s history, the infamous near trillion dollar Stimulus package of 2009. With one stroke of his pen, President Obama allowed the Democratically controlled Congress to fund all the Pork-barrel and Utopian “Haight-Ashbury” projects ever conceived. While I personally am upset over this wasting of my hard earned tax-dollars, I am furious that my son and then his children will eventually be the ones who will have to work to pay off this damnable piece of political narcissism. I saw this for what it was a year ago, and guess what, so did Marco Rubio….

Charlie Crist failed to see the Stimulus package for what it was. He was blinded by the Pork, a life ring to shore up his popularity while, after a failed vice-presidential bid, he went for the next big thing, Senator. As a sitting first-term Governor, it was an act of incredible arrogance and showed an absolute contempt for the voter who expected him to be an honest steward of the State. Instead, Charlie Crist got caught up in Obamamania, made a Faustian bargain and now it is time to pay the piper. With this one act alone, Charlie Crist betrayed what the Grassroots of the Republican party are DEMANDING: A return to small government and less intrusion into our lives. Is Charlie Crist ambitious? Yes. Is Charlie Crist smart? Oh, hell no.

So now, Governor Crist has come to the belated conclusion that he is in the fight of his political life and his biggest wound is self-inflicted. So what has happened in the past month since Marco Rubio was hailed at the CPAC conference? Charlie Crist has gone to the gutter, the last refuge of a political campaign in dire straits. And helping him in that gutter is the Main Stream Press, personified by Adam Smith, who are willing to go along and help in on the ride.

Marco Rubio has taken positions that are anathema to liberal press. He is pro-life. He is for traditional marriage. He has the endorsements of the Conservative talk shows and gets fair treatment on Fox News. Above all, he can be trusted to stand up against Obama’s economic policies.

Let me make my own stances clear: I am a libertarian on social issues. I believe the government should stay out of our lives and especially our bedrooms. I see no problem with gay unions, as long as they make divorce as painful for homosexual couples as they are for heterosexual couples. If a woman wants to abort her child in the first trimester, so be it. As long as no tax dollars are involved, the consequences of the act are between her and her God. (My Mother, who worked as an X-ray technician in rural Virginia during WWII, once remarked to me that the first person she ever saw die in front of her was a young teenage girl who died from a botched abortion- you can outlaw them, but you cannot stop them)

Even if  “Roe v Wade” was overturned, abortions would still be legal in the parts of the United States, as it was in Pre “Roe v Wade” days. So this issue now, for better or worse, will ultimately be decided in the courts and if  “Roe v Wade” is overturned, THEN the States. And I am well aware that a Senator Rubio would probably reject voting for a strong supporter of “Roe v Wade” to be a Justice to the Supreme Court. I have no problem with that. What I do know is that a Senator Rubio would support Judges in the form of Justices Roberts, Alito and Scalia and THAT is important to me for they, for the most part, would side with the citizen over the Government when it comes to protecting fundamental rights. I DO NOT believe Charlie Crist would not be strong enough to vote no on liberal, activist judges, but would prove to be another Lindsay Graham or John McCain.

Finally, the most overriding domestic issues of the day are not gay rights, abortion or any other social issues. The overriding domestic issues of the day are : The economy, unsustainable debt and spending and how to become energy independent using sound science and technology and not pie-in-the-sky “green” energy. (We export close to a half a trillion dollars a year to foreign oil producers. Imagine the economic impact if we kept that money at home.)

Charlie Crist, with his embrace of the “Porkulus” bill demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of the crisis we find ourselves in. He chose what he felt was best for his political interests and wound up digging a hole so deep that he and the sycophant “Press”, embodied by Adam Smith, have slim to no chance of getting out of. Hence the dive into gutter politics as a last desperate move.

Marco Rubio saw it for what it was when before it was ever passed by Congress and was signed into law by Obama. While I may disagree with the former Speaker on some subjects, I do agree with him on the “Big Ticket” items and that’s why he has gotten my money (a whopping 150 bucks) and will get my vote in August and November.

Bottom Line: A vote for Crist is a vote for a man who will compromise and not stand-up to bedrock Republican principles…more of the same political behavior that resulted making the GOP the minority party in Congress in 2006 and 2008.

A vote for Kendrick Meek would be for an Obama pawn. Enough said.

A vote for Marco Rubio would be for a young man who so far has run a perfect campaign and understands the frustrations of small government Grassroots Republicans and Tea Party members. If he proves to be just another self indulgent politician once in power, expect me to be in front of the Mob holding a pitchfork and a bucket of hot tar when he runs for re-election. But for now, he is singing my song.