A Post for Florida "RedState" Readers and Writers (and Non-Florida too!)

Our Local Paper (Which isn’t Local) Takes Advantage of a Self-Inflicted Republican Mistake

It is impossible to defend the actions of your chosen Party (in my case the GOP) when they take careful aim and then shoot themselves in the foot.  Example a) A link from a Non-GOP Friend. 

Yep, what a dumb ass mistake and I thought by now they would have learned their lesson.  Ronald Reagan knew that if you wanted to lead a revolution with the American People, you had to do it with a promise of better things to come and he always did it with a smile. 

Reagan knew that to truly get the American people behind a movement, you first did it with ideas and by appealing to the better nature of all men and women.

However, while some people I’ll take criticism from, there are some I will not tolerate because of their shameless bias to the left, while claiming to be a bastion of “Independent Journalism”  working on behalf of NW Florida.

I refer specifically to the misnamed “NW Florida Daily News” that pulled up stakes from their office in Fort Walton Beach (Republican District 1), moved hat in hand to Democratic Bay County (District 2) and still claim to be our “Hometown” newspaper. (They are still reorganizing themselves and are still in a lengthy bankruptcy.)

And I refer even more specifically to their Director of Regional Content, Pat Rice, who takes the ball handed to him by the Democrats and runs with it for all he is worth (Here is the link)

Here is My Answer:

Mr Rice:

Do you think it is a bit hypocritical to pose as an “advocate” for NW Florida while your paper abandoned NW Florida (District 1) for Panama City?

The sheer Chutzpah of claiming to be concerned for us, while residing in Democratic Bay County and doing “remote” journalism does strike me as, well, somewhat deceitful.

As for the “Brief”, yes it was shameful and wrong and disavowed. However, If you want a long litany of Democratic dirty tricks and shameful behavior, including real Anti-Semitic writings from major Democratic advocate groups, I’ll also be happy to round some up… Starting with Obama’s minister and his good friend Louis Farrahkan. I think this trend in the Left needs to be exposed…How about it, why not try some real journalism for a change and investigate vice being spoon fed stories by the Democrats and regurgitating them back up on the paper.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world and in the US, it has found its home in the Democratic left. I challenge you to do an exposé on this issue. It is an important one and needs to be reported on.

As for the brief, would you not think, in your position of “Director of Content” , the newly released CBO analysis of the Democratic Spending that projects much higher deficits than Obama has been claiming is a much greater news story and has more of a direct impact on the American People? Why not Blog on that instead of relying on, once again, a spoon fed story from the Democrats.

And do you, in your position as “Director of Content” and author of opinion pieces in the deadwood press, support the reconciliation move made by Obama? If so why? If not, Why not?

How about your opinion on a Blue Dog like Allen Boyd? I would say a Blue Dog Democrat who votes against the Obama’s Healthcare bill has just as much blood on his hands as a Democrat who votes yes. Just by being a Democrat, they have enabled the Loony left to control Congress and use it to strip us of our hard earned dollars as well as intruding into our most private medical decisions.

Do you agree with that? If not Why not?. It is not like I am telling you to “Shut-up”, I truly want your opinions. If the Press is ever to regain its trust with the American people, they need to come clean on how their own bias is incorporated in their news reports. In Great Britain, where there is a much more “vibrant” deadwood press, they are honest about how their worldview colors their news. “The Guardian” is proudly left wing, while “The Daily Telegraph” is proudly Tory. What not the same admission from your Paper which is “Unabashedly in the Tank for the Democrats and out to Skin the Republicans”.

And Saying the New York Times is the Gold Standard doesn’t impress the truly informed person… Who knows better!

Deadwood papers in the U.S…A dying breed… and their demise made possible by technology and self inflicted biases.

ER White (aka BloggyBayou)