Time for The GOP Grassroots and Tea Parties to Act TOGETHER NOW!

I got this Email from the RNC. They are asking for money to “Fight Obamacare”. RNC: I got news for you: first organize a strategy to defeat Obamacare and then lead it vice sticking your hand out for cash at the earliest opportunity.  Same goes for the NRSC who still refuses to drop its endorsement of Crist in the Florida Republican Primary. 

Hugh Hewitt has made an interesting proposal.  In effect, he is asking the American people to actively participate in the upcoming Senate debate by letting a “Million Amendments Bloom”.  He is asking that the RNC and NRSC set up a site to help Mr. and Mrs. America to craft appropriate, properly conceived amendments to be voted on by an up or down Roll Call vote in the Senate.  I can think of a bunch: Term Limits; A requirement for a balanced budget ; One of my favorites: Making it mandatory that any member of the State Department that wants to advance beyond the GS-12 level first have 10 years of Military Service and have successfully been selected for promotion to O-4.

I am sure my Tea Party friends can come up with a lot more. However, I am not a parliamentary expert on US Senate Rules.  Is this “Blizzard of Amendments” parliamentary legal under current Senate rules?  I don’t know, but I am sending this post to our RPOF party leader and Vice-Chairman and they should have the resources to answer this question.

IF THIS IS POSSIBLE, WE SHOULD MAKE IT HAPPEN. Obama and his Chicago Thug co-horts are playing for keeps.  Then let us prove to an over ambitious President and Democrat party that the American People can play “Hardball” too.

Think of the ways we could make the left squirm: On Gun Control issues alone we could drive them mad.  How about mandatory Drug testing of all Welfare recipients?  Our Military have to do it, why not those living on the largess of our taxes?  Fail the test and revoke the dole.

How about making it firing offense for a Senator or Congressman to have an affair or commit adultery?  Once again, they are enforcing this rule on our Military, so why not Congress?

Here’s one: Lets propose that we build with stimulus dollars a large Dorm for all Congressmen and Senators in DC and require that while Congress is in session they have to live there.  Let them have basic cable and communal bathrooms.  It is still more comfortable than what our men and women on duty in the Middle East endure.  The hallways would have 24 hour live cam feeds just so we can make sure Our Congressman and Senator are safe under the watchful eye of the American Citizen.  We could also make it a rule they have to sign in any visitors and no overnight conjugal visits allowed.

The possibilities boggle the imagination.  The Goal is, of course, to make it IMPOSSIBLE for the Senate to do business and stop Obamacare in its tracks. It will be the American People SHUTTING THE SYSTEM DOWN.  What better way to tell the political elite we are tired of them and their games?

Obama made no bones about it.  Use of the “Nuclear Option”, (after first denying he would ever use it,) is now on track to take over one of our most private of relationships: the one between Doctor and patient.

IF THIS ROUTE IS POSSIBLE, we should be prepared to use it.

I also bet the American People can come up with some real solutions to our current problems.  We are Americans, the most imaginative and practical people on earth. 

So RNC and NRSC: Instead of asking for Money, how about asking for ideas?  How about taking the lead on this?

For my leadership in the RPOF: Use your contacts and your expertise to help make this happen.

I’m up for shutting the United States Senate down, are you?  How about you, My Tea Party friends?  If you are up to it, spread the word.